Zhiqi showcases DDR5-7000 CL40 2x16GB ultra-fast overclocking memory

On November 2, the world-renowned leading brand of overclocking memory and high-end gaming equipment, Zhiqi International has recently launched a variety of ultra-high performance DDR5 overclocking specifications for the latest 12th generation [email protected] CoreTM processors and Z690 motherboards. This time Zhiqi once again Push the memory frequency to a new high, showing an amazing speed of up to DDR5-7000 CL40-40-40-76 2x16GB.

Zhiqi showcases DDR5-7000 CL40 2x16GB ultra-fast overclocking memory

This top-speed dual-channel memory is made of carefully selected high-performance Samsung DDR5 particles. It runs at the shocking speed of DDR5-7000 CL40 at a capacity of 2x16GB. The burn-in test has been completed, which perfectly demonstrates the extreme overclocking potential of Zhiqi’s new generation of DDR5 memory. , Setting a new milestone in memory overclocking, also means that memory specifications are about to open up a new field of more than 7000 MT/s.

A new milestone-DDR5-7000 CL40-40-40-76 2x16GB

With the advent of a new generation of DDR5 memory, Zhiqi’s senior R&D team has continued to challenge continuously to push up higher memory frequencies. Today, with its superior overclocking capabilities, it has successfully demonstrated DDR5 with a module built with high-performance Samsung DDR5 particles. -7000 CL40-40-40-76 2x16GB shocking speed, and completed the burn-in test, setting a new milestone for the first time that desktop memory can operate stably at the extreme speed of 7000 MT/s under dual channels. In the past, such ultra-high memory frequencies can only be achieved through liquid nitrogen extreme overclocking technology, but today it has become a speed specification that can operate stably under normal air cooling conditions, once again revealing the unparalleled extreme overclocking potential and performance of Zhiqi DDR5 memory. . The following is a screenshot of the burn-in test of this specification:

Tequila Huang, Deputy General Manager of Zhiqi, said: “DDR5-7000 is a historic milestone for us. We are very pleased to push DDR5 into such a high-speed field. Zhiqi will continue to work hard to work more closely with industry partners. Work together to develop more powerful DDR5 overclocking memory for global gaming players and high-end computer users.”

Intel XMP 3.0 list The highest speed DDR5 memory specifications

Zhiqi is Intel’s long-term XMP partner. Many overclocking DDR5 high-speed memory packages support [email protected] XMP 3.0 technology. Its DDR5-6666 speed specification is currently the highest speed specification in the XMP 3.0 list announced by Intel. The following is Intel XMP 3.0 DDR5 list link: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/gaming/xmp-3-for-core-processors.html

About Zhiqi International

Zhiqi International Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. Its head office is located in Taipei City. It is the world’s leading brand of high-end overclocking and gaming computer memory. With nearly 30 years of experience in the computer technology industry, Zhiqi believes that only unremitting innovation and breakthroughs can establish sustainable brand value. In addition, Zhiqi often takes the lead in the development of high-standard products. Its high-end memory is like a supercar in the computer hardware industry. It is a fantasy product for high-end players around the world to compete.


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