Zhaoyi Innovation Announces Signing of Patent Licensing Agreement with Rambus

Beijing, China (May 12, 2020) – GigaDevice (stock code 603986), an industry-leading semiconductor device supplier, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Rambus Inc., a leading semiconductor IP supplier, on RRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory) Technology signed a patent licensing agreement. At the same time, Zhaoyi also signed a licensing agreement with Reliance Memory, a joint venture with Rambus and several strategic investment partners. According to the content of the agreement, GigaDevice has obtained more than 180 RRAM technology-related patents and applications from Rambus and Sage Micro, which will help GigaDevice’s forward-looking technology layout in the field of new memory RRAM, thereby providing better embedded products. Rich storage solutions.

As a non-volatile random access storage method, RRAM can store by changing the resistance of the dielectric under the premise of changing the voltage. RRAM has unique physical and device characteristics, and can be fabricated in an array structure at the back-end line (BEOL) of the process. The low-voltage characteristics of the array structure can effectively reduce the power consumption of embedded non-volatile memory solutions in MCU products. It is suitable for IoT applications; in addition, according to relevant literature published in academia and industry, in terms of balancing performance, reliability and cost, RRAM has the potential to become a viable storage class memory (SCM) between DRAM and Flash.

GigaDevice is an international company rooted in China and serving the world. GigaDevice has been paying close attention to technological innovation in the storage field, actively conducting strategic layouts, and developing differentiated market segments. As early as May 2018, Zhaoyi joined hands with Rambus and other world-renowned semiconductor investment institutions to establish a joint venture company Hefei Ruikewei with RRAM technology as its core business.

Mr. Zhu Yiming, chairman of Zhaoyi Innovation, said: “Zhaoyi Innovation has always taken innovation as its own responsibility. For many years, it has been committed to new technology innovation, strengthening product competitiveness, and attaching importance to core patents. This time, the authorization of Rambus and Sage Micro for RRAM technology has Helps us provide customers with more innovative storage solutions.”

Kit Rodgers, senior vice president of technical cooperation and corporate development at Rambus, said: “GigaDevice has achieved remarkable results in the global flash memory field, and we are very pleased to license the RRAM patent solution to GigaDevice, which will help it in the memory field. Develop innovative solutions and accelerate their commercialization.

About GigaDevice

Beijing Zhaoyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 603986) is the world’s leading fabless supplier in the field of SPI NOR Flash. The company was established in April 2005, headquartered in Beijing, China, and has branches in many countries and regions around the world , the marketing network is all over the world, providing high-quality and convenient localized support services. The company is committed to the design and development of various high-speed and low-power memory, microcontroller series products, has passed DQS ISO9001 and ISO14001 and other management system certification, and has formed strategic cooperation with many world-renowned wafer factories, packaging and testing factories Partnership to jointly advance technological innovation in the semiconductor field.

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