Zhaoxin: Based on Intel’s X86 technology, it will launch a 7nm CPU with its own architecture

As one of the six major domestic CPUs, Zhaoxin has attracted the attention of netizens. The reason is that Zhaoxin uses Intel’s X86 architecture. You must know that Zhaoxin is the third company that owns X86 besides Intel and AMD. Architecture Licensed Vendors.

The X86 architecture CPU can be installed with the Windows system, so there is no need to worry about ecological problems. As long as the performance is sufficient, it can enter the consumer market immediately. After all, a major obstacle to the development of domestic CPUs is actually the Windows ecosystem.

Zhaoxin: Based on Intel’s X86 technology, it will launch a 7nm CPU with its own architecture

And what about Zhaoxin’s X86 architecture? From VIA. In 2020, VIA sold some x86 processors, chipset-related technologies, as well as data and IP property rights owned by its subsidiaries VIABASE and VIATECH to Shanghai Zhaoxin at a price of 1.72 billion yuan, so Zhaoxin X86 architecture can be used.

Not only that, after obtaining the relevant technologies of VIA, Zhaoxin has the chipset technology, GPU technology and CPU technology at the same time. It can be said that it is the only CPU manufacturer in China that has mastered these three core technologies.

Zhaoxin’s latest CPU was launched in 2019, the model is KX-6000 series, 16nm process, 3.0GHz frequency, the performance is roughly equivalent to the Intel Core i5 5 years ago.

However, Zhaoxin recently stated that it will launch KX-7000 series chips based on X86 technology in 2022. This will be a CPU with its own architecture and will use a 7nm process.

Maybe netizens will have doubts, based on X86 technology, isn’t it the X86 architecture, what about the independent architecture? In fact, Zhaoxin refers to the micro-architecture of the CPU here.

Like Intel’s Core Duo is actually a micro-architecture, and AMD’s Zen series is also a micro-architecture, and Zhaoxin’s KX-7000 series chips also use their own micro-architecture.

And this KX-7000 chip will support the latest DDR5 and PCIe 4.0 buses, reaching the level of AMD in the same period, that is, the level of AMD Zen2, which is the benchmark for 7nm.

I don’t know if you are looking forward to the KX-7000 series? If it really reaches the level of 7nm AMD Zen2, then we can completely not rely on Intel and AMD CPUs, and we can directly use Zhaoxin KX-7000. We can also install Windows, and we will not be afraid of anything. Expect it or not, believe it or not, anyway, I am looking forward to it.

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