Zhan Rui completes all test items of China IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group 5G terminal slicing technology test

On November 02, 2021, under the guidance of the IMT2020 (5G) Promotion Group, Zhanrui successfully completed all the test items of the 5G terminal slicing technology test, which fully verified that Zhanrui’s 5G chip has the terminal slicing support capability and is slicing for 5G. The large-scale commercialization of the technology has laid the foundation.

This technical test is mainly based on the test specification “Terminal Slicing Function Technical Requirements and Test Methods” formulated by the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, which follows the 3GPP 5G standard. The test verifies all the test items of Zhanrui’s 5G terminal slicing solution. The solution is based on the modem-centric architecture design. The matching of service feature attributes and network slicing is realized in the modem, which makes capacity expansion flexible and efficient. The perception is highly sensitive, providing users with rich, diverse and long-term evolution of high-quality slicing services.

The 5G terminal slicing function means that 5G terminals have enhanced service capabilities based on multiple business granularities such as APP ID, FQDN, IP triplet, and customized DNN. In the 5G network end-to-end slicing technology, the terminal undertakes important tasks such as managing the slicing configuration information of the terminal application, selecting the network slicing of the terminal application, establishing 5G network slicing, and maintaining network slicing-related sessions during the terminal movement.

This technical test mainly verified the terminal slicing function, including the registration process, PDU session establishment process, URSP configuration update and other key terminal slicing processes. At the same time, it also verified the terminal’s ability to select slices based on DNN, FQDN, IP triplet or APP ID in URSP. Test results show that Zhanrui’s 5G chip supports multi-slice and multi-service concurrency capabilities.

Zhan Rui has been actively participating in the discussion and formulation of 5G technical specifications organized by the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, as well as the testing and testing of 5G key technologies. 5G network slicing is the core technology of 5G empowering vertical industries, and it is a powerful tool for generating new businesses, innovating business models, and improving network value. In the future, Zhan Rui will continue to cooperate with industry partners to vigorously promote the development of 5G network slicing, actively participate in China’s 5G technology research and development trials, and jointly promote the commercialization of 5G core technologies.

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