What is the prospect of automatic lathe processing?

Automatic lathe processing is the development of science and technology in recent years. Companies that use a large amount of mechanical processing need a lot of human resources to process instrument lathes. The wide application of automatic lathes has greatly improved the efficiency of product lathe processing, reduced manpower and material resources, generally one person can see more than one, which also reduces the labor intensity of workers and greatly improves work efficiency

Automatic lathe processing is different from ordinary lathes, it is a kind of influence that is realized by the cam, the cam lathe realizes the automatic operation. Years of development has been the history of cam-type automatic lathes. The production of walking watch parts machines came from Switzerland at the beginning, and gradually developed to the cutting machine. In the development of automatic lathes, Japan has also played a big role. The precision of automatic lathes has produced an indispensable The contribution of obliteration, the improvement of machining accuracy.

So far, many mechanical processing companies are still processing instrument lathes. Although this kind of instrument lathe is cheap, it requires a lot of manual operation, low production efficiency, low processing accuracy, large processing volume of small parts, low processing efficiency, low processing accuracy, high labor cost, and low enterprise efficiency.

The automatic lathe processing machinery part is a small, relatively meter lathe, with a high degree of automation. For example, in the processing of small copper parts, one worker can operate multiple automatic lathes, and the unmanned operation can almost reach a long time. The capacity of automatic lathe parts per minute can be measured by meter lathe several times, and it is very suitable for processing small parts.

Due to the development of science and technology, in addition to automatic lathes in the manufacturing industry, Dongguan's machinery industry is developing rapidly. In recent years. In recent years, Dongguan's automatic lathe processing and manufacturing have the prospect of machining, reducing manufacturing costs, machining, and manufacturing quality. Dongguan automatic lathes have sprung up and are booming. In the broad prospects for development, Dongguan PTJ Hardware Products Co., Ltd. advanced technology, mature technical team, to give you the most suitable service for you.

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