Top 10 European pharma companies generally face web security threats

Recently, according to the latest research report published by Outpost24, the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Europe all have vulnerable web applications, which means that their large amounts of sensitive data (medical and patient information) are at risk of being stolen by hackers.

It is understood that Outpost24 used its external attack surface management tool to evaluate the security of the web services of Europe’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies. The results show that 80% of these pharmaceutical companies have a risk exposure index of more than 30 (total score 58.4), indicating that their external services are prone to exploitable security vulnerabilities.

The researchers noted that EU pharmaceutical companies run a particularly high number of web applications compared to other industries, with 20,394 web applications and 9,216 domain names, of which more than 200 applications use unencrypted login forms, or 18% of pharma companies use outdated components with known vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, the risk exposure index of the top 10 EU pharmaceutical companies is still significantly lower than that of the top 10 US pharmaceutical companies (its risk index is 40.5).

The report also observed a number of other security and compliance issues among EU pharma companies, including basic SSL, cookie settings and privacy policy vulnerabilities, although it is slightly reassuring that many of the vulnerabilities are easy to fix. “This study highlights the complexity of modern pharmaceutical and medical applications and the risk of exposing vast amounts of information on the Internet,” said the researchers. The findings suggest that industry users scrutinize their external footprint and vulnerability exposure in the face of rampant ransomware attacks Very important to improve safety.”

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