The second generation of 5G SoC is here, Ziguang Zhanrui launched the Tiger Ben T7520

On the afternoon of February 26, Ziguang Zhanrui’s online press conference arrived as scheduled.

Before the debut of the new products, the development status of UNISOC Zhanrui was introduced.

Ziguang Zhanrui is the only mobile phone chip company in mainland China that faces the open market. One out of every four mobile phones in the world is equipped with Ziguang Zhanrui’s chips.

Ziguang Zhanrui now has three major business segments. Consumer electronics, industrial electronics, ubiquitous connectivity. Among them, consumer electronics serve the intelligent needs of individuals. Industrial electronics prepare for the intelligent society of the future. Pan connection, full of innovative small connection technology.

In the field of consumer electronics, in 2019, Ziguang Zhanrui’s global market share of 4G children’s watches exceeded 50%. There is a billion-level market between NB-IoT and LTE Cat.1. The birth of Ivy 8910DM fills the product gap between low-speed and high-speed IoT products. Ivy V5663 provides a high computing power solution for the AIoT market.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC2019) in February 2019, Ziguang Zhanrui released the first 5G baseband chip – Ivy V510, which supports 2/3/4/5G multiple communication modes, complies with the latest 3GPP R15 standard specification, and can achieve SA /NSA dual-module network mode. In August 2019, Unisplendour Zhanrui launched a high-performance AI edge computing platform, the Tiger Ben T710. Thanks to its excellent architecture and computing power, it once topped the AI ​​Benchmark at ETH Zurich. UNISOC combines the two to form the first-generation 5G solution, the Tiger Ben T7510.

At this conference, UNISOC launched the second-generation 5G SoC Tiger Ben T7520. Tiger Ben7520.jpg

Tiger Ben T7520 is a new generation of UNISOC 5G SoC products, which has advantages in six aspects: technical process, communication capability, AI, vision capability, battery life, and safety.

Huben T7520 Highlight 1: Advanced 6nm EUV Process

With the blessing of multi-layer extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, the wavelength of the process light source is shortened to 13.5nm, and the precision close to X-ray brings extremely high lithography resolution, which makes the cost, performance and power consumption of the chip better. balance. Compared with the previous generation of 7nm, the 6nm EUV transistor density has increased by 18%, which will allow more transistors to be integrated in the chip unit area, reduce chip power consumption by 8%, and provide longer battery life.

Huben T7520 Highlight 2: The World’s First Full-Scenario Coverage Enhanced 5G Modem

Support 5G NR TDD+FDD carrier aggregation, and uplink and downlink decoupling technology, which can improve the coverage by more than 100%.

Based on UNISOC’s innovative 5G super launch technology, it can increase the upload rate by 60% for the near point of the cell, and solve the pain point of enhanced VR, 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video live broadcast and other services that require more uplink bandwidth.

Support Sub-6GHz frequency band and NSA/SA dual-module network, support 2G to 5G seven-mode full Netcom, in SA mode, the downlink peak rate exceeds 3.25Gbps. The Tiger Ben T7520 also supports leading dual-SIM dual 5G, EPS Fall back, and VoNR HD voice and video calls.

Huben T7520 Highlight 3: Powerful AI capabilities and endless development space

It integrates a new generation of NPU, has the industry’s leading AI commercial maturity on mobile, supports mainstream ML training frameworks in the industry, provides rich operator libraries, and realizes complete support for Android NN. Users can experience more diverse mobile AI applications.

Hu Ben T7520 Highlight 4: Comprehensively enhanced multimedia processing capabilities

Equipped with the sixth-generation image engine Vivimagic 6.0 solution independently developed by UNISOC and the second-generation 4K FDR (Full Dynamic Range) technology, dedicated AI acceleration processor, newly upgraded quad-core ISP architecture, ultra-high 100 million pixels Resolution and multi-camera processing capability, combined with ACUTElogic’s leading imaging technology, will provide outstanding results for photography and videography.

It adopts a new generation of multi-core Display architecture, supports up to 120Hz refresh rate, full-channel, full-format HDR standard rendering capability, and multi-screen display can support up to 4K HDR 10+, which will greatly improve the user experience in high frame rate competitive games, 5G super Experience in visually immersive scenes such as HD video viewing and AR/VR.

Huben T7520 Highlight 5: Power consumption hits a new low

UNISOC’s new generation of low-power design architecture and AI-based intelligent adjustment technology, compared with the separate 5G solution, the Tiger Ben T7520 has an overall leading power consumption advantage in light-load or heavy-load scenarios, and in some data The power consumption in business scenarios is reduced by 35%.

Huben T7520 Highlight 6: Fully Built-in Financial-Grade Security

The second-generation integrated security solution of Zhanrui is adopted to integrate the financial-grade iSE security unit in the SOC. Compared with the external SE, it is more difficult to attack and locate, and the security is higher; the computing power is increased by 100%, and it supports high computing such as video encrypted calls. Force security requirements; support international mainstream algorithms, better scalability, and increased storage capacity, which can support hundreds of applications at the same time. The highly integrated advantage of Tiger Ben T7520 greatly reduces the difficulty of PCB design, and reduces the design and manufacturing costs of the whole machine, bringing customers a more competitive solution.

Chu Qing, CEO of Ziguang Zhanrui believes that AI and 5G are the two technological banners of our era, of which 5G is the most ambitious connection plan for mankind, which can connect the world as one. And AI is the most ambitious innovation program in human history. 5G without AI is an empty ship, and AI without 5G is a stranded ship.

The Tiger Ben T7520 integrates AI and 5G well, with a very high level of integration and powerful AI capabilities.

Wang Hengjiang, deputy general manager of China Mobile Communications Group Terminal Co., Ltd., said: “UNIS T7520 is a heavyweight product released today, and I am very pleased to see that this product has a very high level of integration, supports 6nm, and has strong AI capabilities. . I believe this product will provide users with a very good 5G experience. In 2020, China Mobile will adhere to the “three more and one new” approach, realize the large-scale and multi-category development of 5G terminals, and continue to build a new ecosystem of “terminal pioneer alliance”. It is believed that the development of 5G requires the cooperation between companies in the chip, terminal, channel, and application sectors including Zhanrui. We are confident that all parties in the industry chain will work together to achieve greater success!”

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