The Huawei Mate 30 series market occupies 64.8%. Are other 5G phones still alive?

China and Africa News, December 19, since the launch of the first 5G mobile phone on August 5, 5G mobile phones have gradually entered the lives of ordinary people and won everyone’s attention. Hot word of the year.

Yesterday, the latest report released by Big Data Daily Interactive showed that as of November 24, China’s domestic mobile phone market has sold 5G mobile phones and has four major manufacturers and seven models.

At present, Huawei leads the 5G mobile phone market with a market share of 71.7%. Vivo has established itself with a market share of 17.7% after launching two 5G mobile phones one after another. Xiaomi launched its first 5G mobile phone in September with a 10.4% market share. Occupation rate completed the first show.

In terms of models, Huawei Mate30 is the most popular series of 5G mobile phones. Huawei’s new Mate30 Pro and Mate30 mobile phones rank first and second with 39.6% and 25.2% market share respectively. Vivo’s iQOO Pro, a 5G mobile phone aimed at young people, ranks third with a market share of 11.2%. It is also the most economical model of 5G mobile phones.

Consumption level data shows that 5G mobile phone users have the highest proportion of users with high consumption levels, reaching 57.9%, which is significantly higher than the proportion of 23.5% of the total population with high consumption levels, showing that high consumption groups are more willing to try new technology products such as 5G mobile phones , And pay for it.

In terms of city distribution, the four major first-tier cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, have ranked among the top 4 cities in terms of the proportion of cities. The penetrating trend of expanding to new first-tier cities centered on the first-tier cities.

Among the interest preferences of 5G mobile phone users, car maintenance has a TGI value of 9.0, the highest ranking, followed by hotel accommodation 6.3, restaurant recommendation 3.9, leisure travel 3.6, reflecting that they pay attention to quality, understand life, love life, and enjoy Life.

2019 is the beginning year of 5G mobile phones. Although the current 5G mobile phones are still a small group of people, most of them come from first-tier and new-tier cities, with stable and substantial income, sensitive to technology, and pursuing a refined and fashionable life. High-quality user group.

With the gradual deployment of 5G networks, “5G mobile phones” will continue to be one of the “hot words” of the year in 2020 and become a “shining point” that will drive the growth of the mobile phone market.

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