The first high-end COF production line in China, the COF project of Jiangsu Shangda Electronics was put into operation

Recently, the COF project of Jiangsu Shangda Electronic Flexible Packaging Substrate was officially put into operation in Pizhou, marking the addition of “core power” to the semiconductor industry chain in Pizhou.

As a leading enterprise of flexible printed circuit boards in China, Shangda Electronics focuses on the design and production of new Display fields, products such as flexible circuit boards, new electronic components, and flexible integrated circuit packaging substrates. In June 2017, Shangda Electronics successfully settled in Pizhou Economic Development Zone and invested in the construction of the first high-end COF production line in China. With the successful production of the first phase of the project, Shangda Electronics will become a production and research and development base for single and double-sided COF products with international advanced level. As the main enterprise of the chain, the commissioning of Shangda Electronics COF project will surely inject strong impetus into making Pizhou’s semiconductor materials and equipment industry bigger and stronger, and enhancing the competitiveness of the industry.

As one of the six leading industries that Pizhou is focusing on cultivating, the semiconductor materials and equipment industry currently gathers more than 60 industry experts, and has built characteristic parks such as the European Semiconductor Returnee Talent Pioneer Park, the Semiconductor Materials and Equipment Industrial Park, and built lithography materials. 25 R&D institutions above the provincial level, including the R&D Center and the Semiconductor Materials Science and Technology Innovation Center, have attracted more than 40 related companies such as Bokang, Huaxing Laser, and Yingsu Optoelectronics to settle in the park.

Li Xiaohua, chairman of Shangda Group, pointed out that the company settled in the integrated circuit flexible packaging substrate project in Pizhou, introduced advanced technology, and successfully realized mass production in China for the first time, which will help domestic panel companies to further increase their global market share. The commissioning of Shangda Electronics Pizhou COF project fully embodies Pizhou’s spirit of “innovation, competition, openness and inclusiveness”. It is the determination, policies and measures of the Pizhou Municipal Government to firmly develop the integrated circuit supporting industry, which makes us choose the COF project without hesitation. Settled in Pizhou. We believe that Pizhou will become an influential production base in my country’s electronic information industry and integrated circuit supporting industry.

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