Speed ​​control of CNC machining in Dongguan

Dongguan CNC machining is developing towards high speed and high efficiency. This includes the speed control of CNC machining in Dongguan. To make full use of the effective working stroke, the moving parts must be accelerated to a high-speed stroke in a very short time, and stopped instantly during the high-speed stroke. This is why the speed control of Dongguan CNC machining is necessary.

Based on the open control idea, we propose a method that can automatically accelerate and decelerate the motion of the CNC machine tool according to any curve. This method pushes the automatic acceleration and deceleration control from the traditional fixed mode to the new flexible mode, and explores a new way to effectively improve the dynamic performance of CNC machine tools.

  1. Flexible acceleration and deceleration control

In Dongguan CNC machining, the specific automatic speed control function is usually directly realized by the system program. In this way, it is necessary to change the system’s acceleration and deceleration characteristics or add and subtract control to modify the CNC program, so ordinary users cannot make the CNC machine tool have the best acceleration and deceleration performance according to their own wishes. Therefore, the flexible acceleration and deceleration control method we proposed adopts the principle of the database, and divides the acceleration and deceleration control into two parts: acceleration and deceleration description and implementation, and separates the acceleration and deceleration description from the system program. In the numerical control system software, a general control channel that has nothing to do with the content of the acceleration and deceleration database is designed, and the acceleration and deceleration calculation and trajectory control are independently completed by it.

  1. Flexible automatic acceleration control

Set the acceleration curve, analytical curve and non-analytic curve, and store them in the acceleration and deceleration curve library in the form of a number table as a model.

  1. Flexible automatic deceleration control For acceleration control, it is stored in the acceleration and deceleration curve library in the form of a number table as a model. Reasonable automatic acceleration and deceleration control is an important link to ensure the dynamic performance of CNC machine tools. The traditional automatic acceleration and deceleration control based on a fixed curve lacks flexibility, so it is difficult to ensure that the acceleration and deceleration process matches the performance of the machine tool, and it is difficult to optimize the dynamic characteristics of the machine tool movement.

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