South Korean government issues guidelines for safe operation of autonomous vehicles


According to Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport issued guidelines for the safe operation of autonomous vehicles on the 15th. The guideline mainly includes three parts: ethics guideline, network safety guideline, production and safety guideline.

The above guidelines are not mandatory, but are intended to ensure the ethics of system algorithms and prevent hacking of autonomous vehicles before they are officially put on the market.

Specifically, the ethical guidelines focus on ensuring life safety, requiring autonomous vehicles to follow the principles of “life is more important than property” and “minimize casualties when accidents cannot be avoided” during the design and production of autonomous vehicles. Freedoms and Rights” and “Implementing Safe Driving Training”, etc.

The cybersecurity guidelines require automakers to establish a security management system to strengthen cybersecurity, identify and analyze risks according to the risk assessment process, take corresponding measures to reduce the risk level, and verify the appropriateness of security measures.

The production and safety guidelines are composed of three parts: system safety, driving safety, safety education and ethical thinking. The system safety part aims to minimize design defects and operational errors and prevent cyber threats; the driving safety part mainly involves the interaction between vehicles and various road conditions, pedestrians and other vehicles during driving; safety education and ethical thinking part It covers compliance guidelines for the production and operation of autonomous vehicles.

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