Skills and precautions for daily use of CNC lathe processing in China

The emergence of CNC lathes plays a pivotal role in the development of my country’s industry PTJ Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a company with rich technical experience and adhering to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Reasonable Price, and Service First”. It provides Nancheng CNC lathe processing, automatic lathe processing parts and secondary processing hardware products. Wait. CNC lathes are the same as ordinary machines. Only when they pay more attention to maintenance and maintenance during normal use, can they effectively extend their service life. Today, our company will share some tips and precautions when using lathes:

First: CNC lathe is a lathe equipment controlled by a CNC system, so the machine has higher requirements for the use environment when it is running. It is best to use it in a place with a constant temperature, otherwise it will easily affect the use of the machine due to temperature changes. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal use of CNC lathes, it should be used separately from impact beds with greater vibration or machinery with electromagnetic radiation.

Second: The machine is a device that consumes a lot of power, so the requirements for the power supply are also very strict. It is to give a large amount of energy support to the operation of the machine. If there is a problem with the power supply, it will inevitably cause serious system downtime or other failures. When the data is running, all the data are stored in the memory. When there is a power failure, all data is retained by the lithium battery with power storage function. If the system is down for a certain amount of time and is not restored, the most direct result is the loss of data and information, so that the system cannot operate normally. Since the voltage required for CNC lathes is 380 volts, and the current voltage in our country is still in an unstable state, in order to ensure the use of the machine without data loss due to the power supply, it is recommended to use A system with automatic adjustment and compensation functions on the power supply configuration. For some individual types of lathes, corresponding voltage stabilizers should also be configured to ensure the machine’s problematic operation.

Third: CNC lathes cannot be sealed for a long time. If they are sealed for too long, the data inside will be lost. This is why many 6150 CNC lathe manufacturers now produce on-demand. All customers, after placing an order, the manufacturer will produce in batches. As for the factory workshop, after purchasing the lathe, use it in production as quickly as possible, otherwise the system failure caused by the storage will not be worth the loss for so long.

Fourth: Because CNC lathes are high-tech products, its operators and users must undergo professional training. It is very necessary to clarify the precautions for use and the correct operation process. In addition, the use of the machine requires a special programmer to program the machine production. The technical content of the later fault diagnosis and maintenance is also very high. These need the most professional personnel to complete. Otherwise, the omission of any link will have a significant impact on the use of the machine. At the same time, in order to extend the service life of the machine, the equipment must be maintained regularly.

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