Since the resumption of work and production is imperative, it is better to talk about some feelings about the two-week resumption of work

During the Spring Festival holiday this year, because of a sudden epidemic, the author discovered for the first time that too many holidays will make you irritable. Even one day, I will start to miss the feeling of going to work. This week, I believe that most companies have begun to resume work. And the author, it has been nearly two weeks since I went out to work. In the past two weeks, this resumption of work has allowed me to see some things and have some feelings. It’s better to find an opportunity to talk to everyone.

Going out, why do I have to go out of the house?

Maybe netizens will be curious, don’t your editors who write manuscripts work the same everywhere? Why do you have to go out to work? Why bring chaos to the country? Actually, that’s not what it said. For scientific epidemic prevention, it is not by hiding that we can contribute to the fight against the epidemic! What is the most important thing to rely on to fight the epidemic? Still the economy. Materials to support epidemic areas, in-depth research on viruses, trial development of vaccines, etc., which one does not require money?

The economy of a country is interconnected at all levels. You can say that I sing a high profile. I believe that in the face of the fight against the epidemic, the importance of resuming production and work has been mentioned many times by countries! There is no need for a working people like me to repeat it again. Those who understand will naturally understand, and those who do not understand, explain it in vain.


Since the resumption of work and production is imperative, it is better to talk about some feelings about the two-week resumption of work

Of course, there is another reason for going out to the company to resume work, that is, the efficiency of telecommuting today is far less than the efficiency of working in the company. It has to be said that the use of science and technology to achieve remote office, whether it is “Dingding”, “zoom”, “Xiaoyu Yilian”, etc., are all good choices, and can bring good results. The effect of communication seems to be similar to that of face-to-face meetings and office work, but there is still one thing missing – a sense of tension.

Taking the author as an example, in the same article, working from home is always not as efficient as working at the company. For some reason, it is often difficult to concentrate on work at home. The main reason may be that the spirit is too relaxed at home. Therefore, in order to ensure the efficiency of work, it is necessary to go out and return to work!

Protection, safety prerequisites for going out and returning to work

Since it is inevitable to go out and return to work, the next key issue is “protection”. For scientific epidemic prevention, not being afraid of the virus does not mean not paying attention. For example, when you go out, you must wear a mask and take necessary protective measures. This is not only responsible for yourself, but also responsible for others. At a larger scale, it is to cooperate with the country’s epidemic prevention and control, and at a smaller scale, it is also for the safety of individuals and their families.


Since the resumption of work and production is imperative, it is better to talk about some feelings about the two-week resumption of work

Wearing disposable latex gloves when going out is also a good protection measure

Therefore, here, the author really does not understand some people who choose to go out without protecting themselves. Even, these people will boldly say “I don’t care!”. Yes, you can really not care about your own life, but you must respect the lives of others. The act of wearing a mask is not just to ensure that you are not infected, but also to cut off the possibility of the spread of the epidemic as much as possible.

In fact, the author is also a person who does not like to wear masks, but after all, it is an extraordinary period. Wearing a mask and taking good care of it is at least a behavior that does not cause psychological burden and trouble to them. Therefore, the author will also cooperate as much as possible. , after all, it did not have any essential impact on me, but it was also beneficial to me.

Cooperate, cooperate as much as possible with security checks

Just like personal protection, when going out and returning to work, of course, you must fully cooperate with the safety inspections everywhere. Taking the building where the author works as an example, every day I go to work, I need to fill out a government registration form, which includes identity information, body temperature on the day, health conditions, etc.; Sign up and take your temperature.

During the period of resumption of work, the author has indeed seen more than once a situation where someone would have a dispute with the staff conducting the safety inspection. how to say? If you think about it from a different perspective, maybe these people will be able to understand something. What is the main reason for their anger? In fact, it is nothing more than two words “trouble”. Suspecting trouble is the origin of all anger, causing them to start not cooperating with security checks.


Since the resumption of work and production is imperative, it is better to talk about some feelings about the two-week resumption of work

Fully cooperate with security inspections

In the author’s opinion, in the face of such a serious epidemic situation, the level of protection at the door is not excessive. This is the most basic protective test. Even if it is a little troublesome, it is always better than relaxing our vigilance, causing people to move freely and increasing the spread of the epidemic!

Anger, controversy brought about by 2.5 square meters

If the above things seem to me to be necessary measures in the face of the epidemic, I have to say that in this war against the epidemic, there will still be many things that touch the author’s bottom line and make me angry.

Where to start? Let’s start with Dangdang’s inappropriate epidemic prevention! Because maybe that’s the reason for the events that pissed me off. Just last week, reported that an employee who had resumed work for 3 days was diagnosed with new type of coronavirus pneumonia. At the same time, 66 people in the company were quarantined and more than 200 people were quarantined at home. Perhaps it was the outbreak of this incident. In an instant, discussions on the resumption of work and safety protection on the Internet became popular.

I have to say that this time, the people in the relevant departments moved quickly enough. Immediately, a document titled “Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Epidemic Prevention and Control for Enterprises in the Industrial and Software Information Service Industry in Beijing” (replaced by “Guidelines” below) issued by the Beijing Municipal Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Resumption Prevention and Control Group was issued.

The original text lists sixteen “reference guidelines” opinions, one of which caused controversy on the Internet. Article 12 of the “Guidelines” reads, “Reduce the density of personnel accommodation and office, each person occupies an area of ​​not less than 2.5 square meters, set up isolated observation areas, and stop using gyms and other non-essentially densely populated places. Try to avoid using vans. If you need to ride the elevator, control the flow of people by 50% of the nuclear capacity. Keep the air circulation in public places such as workshops, and ventilate 2-3 times a day for more than 30 minutes each time. The central air conditioner will turn off the return air and use fresh air to run.”


Since the resumption of work and production is imperative, it is better to talk about some feelings about the two-week resumption of work

Netizens’ complaints on Weibo

Among them, the most controversial is that each person occupies an area of ​​not less than 2.5 square meters. Netizens sent various complaints on Weibo. For example, a netizen named “Fun Punch 50dirne” commented on Weibo, “One tendon policy, slap on the head policy”, and a netizen named “Bu Er Liu Shu” said that “This rule makes sense? Does everyone prepare a toilet!”. There are still many complaints from netizens.

Of course, these complaints are just expressing the opinions of some netizens. The author has to praise the quick action of the relevant departments this time! Within this week, it was first revealed on Weibo that iQIYI had received a notice of unqualified inspection, which indicated that the reason for the unqualified inspection was “the failure to take effective measures to reduce the density of office staff, and the distance between the offices of employees on duty. Less than 1 meter and not wearing a mask.”


Since the resumption of work and production is imperative, it is better to talk about some feelings about the two-week resumption of work

iQIYI’s unqualified notices leaked on the Internet

During the same period, the author also learned through some news that many companies have also ushered in inspections, and some of the offices that are too full to “reduce the density of office workers” are forced to let ordinary employees go home.

Subsequently, the author was also affected. One day this week, inspectors also came to the company where the author works for inspection. And made rectification instructions. According to the instructions of the “inspection team”, employees in the office should sit in a W-shaped manner. Because I felt that this approach outweighed the losses, the author also had some unpleasantness with my colleagues (I have to admit that a large part of the reason is because the desktop computer is too troublesome to change stations, just like the people who are afraid of trouble mentioned above!).


Since the resumption of work and production is imperative, it is better to talk about some feelings about the two-week resumption of work

Letter of Commitment received by a company in Haidian

Think, is this solution necessary?

Although the author admits that most of his anger comes from the fact that he hates trouble, but after calming down and thinking about it, I think it is necessary to discuss the rationality of the 2.5 square meters. After all, for most companies in the technology industry , Most of them are difficult to achieve this 2.5 square meters!

Perhaps, some of the things I have said here and some of the thoughts I have caused will not cause any changes. However, some thoughts still need to be said. Is the policy of 2.5 square meters reasonable? Is it really necessary? Should it arouse the reflection of the relevant departments?

First of all, we all understand the importance of resuming work and production, and are willing to cooperate with all necessary safety protection measures and actively cooperate with the prevention and control of the epidemic. But is the 2.5-square-meter rule really feasible? Beijing is a place where every inch of land is so precious. I believe that many companies and employees know what the 2.5 square meters of office space per person means. When many companies lease office space, they calculate the cost and space of Keding Kemao. Is it really feasible to suddenly require people to work at a distance from each other? Obviously, this is not feasible in most businesses. It can only lead to employees returning to the previous state of telecommuting. However, telecommuting also loses the efficiency of office work. In addition, which part of the employees should stay in the company and which part can work from home? How to choose? Relevant departments have not given guiding opinions.


Netizens’ complaints

Secondly, think about it carefully, what is the significance of 2.5 square meters of office space per person? At present, there is no scientific basis to show that the spread of the new coronavirus can only be within 2.5 square meters, which means that the space of 2.5 square meters cannot guarantee that the new coronavirus will not spread. So how did this data come about? Relevant departments have not given a scientific explanation. Some netizens speculated that this distance may only be used to better control the number of people affected and minimize the impact of the incident when a company finds another confirmed employee.

Finally, this kind of interval only occurs in static office. In daily office, how can employees keep such space all the time? If such a space has been maintained, will office efficiency be affected? Some netizens also said that after the introduction of such regulations, it would be better to go back to working remotely from home and not feel safe, but it caused more negative emotions, and at the same time lost the meaning of going to work in the company. The point is efficiency!

write at the end

This sudden outbreak made the author think further. At present, in fact, many of the problems we face are still unsolvable due to insufficient technology. If the development of science and technology is in place, for example, drones and unmanned vehicles can be implemented, and remote office can use ARVR or even holographic projection and other technologies to make up for efficiency problems. Now these negative feelings may be gone!

When it comes to policies, the author knows that the policies issued by relevant departments are all for the sake of people’s safe resumption of production and work. However, in some cases, it seems that some of the regulations have created a mental and physical burden for more people. As the so-called “doing bad things with good intentions”, such an impact will cause relevant departments to think? Will a more complete solution be given further?

Next week will be the first working week in March. It is very likely that more companies will resume work and production. I hope that the situation that I have felt since the start of work for two weeks can be resolved, so that more people can be safe and relaxed. Returning to work is the top priority of scientifically fighting the epidemic!

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