Relay “New Infrastructure” with “Dual Cycle” to Promote Enterprise Development

The latest news on September 9, according to Korean media reports, due to the US ban, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix will stop selling chips to Huawei from next Tuesday (September 15). Accordingly, TSMC, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung Electronics, and SK Hynix have all suspended chip sales to Huawei due to the U.S. ban.

Under the background that many domestic technology companies are subject to the current international situation, the government report proposes to “build a new development pattern in which domestic and international dual cycles promote each other”. “Dual circulation” is a grand strategy of active adjustment and active planning in response to changes in domestic and foreign situations, ensuring economic security, and planning for growth space.

First of all, dual circulation takes the domestic big circulation as the main body, takes advantage of the strong domestic industrial base, complete industrial chain, super large market scale and other characteristics to smooth all aspects of economic operation such as production, distribution, circulation, consumption, etc. to promote the realization of internal self-circulation. Including supply and demand cycle, industrial cycle, regional cycle, urban-rural cycle and factor cycle.

Second, continue to rely on and support high-level opening to the outside world, and actively participate in the international cycle. The domestic circulation is also open in nature, and it promotes and cooperates with the international circulation. In actual operation, the node problem of the international cycle is more difficult to get through than the domestic cycle, and it is more necessary for the state and society to unify their thinking and actions, face the difficulties, and strive for a favorable environment and channel for the international cycle.

The practical significance of “dual circulation” mainly has the following three aspects.

1. The level of science and technology is becoming the main variable affecting the changing situation of the world. China needs more core technologies that are independent and controllable.

Second, the major changes in the international situation make China need to respond more proactively and flexibly.

3. The current domestic economic size and comprehensive national strength are conducive to China’s achievements in consumption, people’s livelihood, science and technology, etc. This is an inevitable transition and choice from an economic powerhouse to an economic powerhouse.

With the rapid development of domestic Internet companies in the past decade, a group of technology companies led by Huawei have gradually emerged in international competition. However, we must face the reality that western developed countries have accumulated technology for hundreds of years in basic science and scientific research, so they are still in a monopoly position in many fields. Taking the United States as an example, the information technology revolution from the 1990s to the present, from Internet development to applications, wireless communication services, mobile communication equipment, to semiconductor manufacturing processes and other global technology leading companies, is currently basically used by American companies as brands, technologies or capital. It is monopolized by other means, and its products are also produced and sold in the global market.

Therefore, when many technology enterprises in our country are gradually showing their competitiveness in the world, the technical limitations of western countries have brought huge obstacles to the development of Chinese enterprises. But at this time, it is not possible to blindly deviate from the international mainstream, and just think about doing things behind closed doors and doing nationalization at home. In accordance with the principle of double circulation, we should promote international circulation while implementing large circulation at home, and actively seek channels for international scientific and technological exchanges and research. Strive to achieve two-handedness in the field of science and technology, one-handed localization, and one-handed international exchange.

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