Qi Xiangdong: Take the road of network security and technology independence to help the digital economy…

On December 25, Qi Xiangdong, member of the Executive Committee of the Digital Economy Committee of the APEC China Business Council and Chairman of Qi’anxin Group, pointed out when attending the APEC Business Leaders China Forum that the independence of cyber security technology is an inevitable choice to deal with cyber security challenges, and even more important for the country. Strategic support for development.

Qi Xiangdong pointed out that only by continuously improving their cyber security defense capabilities can countries in the world better cope with the ever-changing cyber security risks in the digital age. “It can be said that taking the road to network security and self-reliance is an inevitable choice in the face of major changes unseen in a century.”

The first condition for technological self-reliance is to break through the core technology. The third-generation security technology engine “Tiango” developed by QiAnxin as an example, successfully subverted the traditional security protection concept of “checking vulnerabilities and patching”. The “three non-dependences” that rely on the characteristics of specific vulnerabilities and do not rely on the abilities of individual experts.

Behind the technological breakthrough is Qi’anxin’s high proportion of R&D investment. From 2017 to 2021, Qi’anxin’s R&D investment is expected to be close to 6 billion, and the proportion of R&D investment in revenue is much higher than that of its domestic counterparts, providing a strong impetus for the company’s cutting-edge technological innovation and rapid development.

Qi Xiangdong: Take the road of network security and technology independence to help the digital economy…

Qi Xiangdong said that regular and actual training of troops has tested the innovation of cyber security technology. As the main force in actual offensive and defensive exercises, Qi’anxin is the company that has participated the most reinsurance and is equipped with the most manpower in the industry. It has the strongest attack capability and the best defensive effect. It has been recognized and appreciated by relevant national departments and customers many times; loopholes; In terms of mining, Qi’anxin has the largest vulnerability response platform in China.

Qi Xiangdong finally said that as a backplane project for national security, the importance of network security is self-evident. We must unswervingly follow the path of network security technology independence.

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