Put your money to work!A number of technology Internet companies rushed to Henan

According to the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, from 18:00 on July 18 to 0:00 on the 21st, Zhengzhou experienced a rare continuous heavy rainfall weather process. Heavy rainstorms and extremely heavy rains fell in the city, with an accumulated average precipitation of 449 mm. At present, about 100,000 people have been transferred to avoid danger, and the flood has caused 12 deaths in Zhengzhou City.

Among them, from 06:00 on July 20 to 06:00 on the 21st: heavy rain or heavy rain occurred in many places in Henan Province. The one-hour rainfall in Zhengzhou from 16 to 17 on the 20th reached 201.9 mm, exceeding the extreme value of my country’s land hourly rainfall. It is understood that meteorologically, precipitation with a 24-hour precipitation greater than or equal to 50 mm is called torrential rain.

According to the simple conversion of public information, Zhengzhou City has an area of ​​7446 square kilometers, and 7446*0.2*1000000 = 1.49 billion cubic meters of water fell in Zhengzhou this hour. The water storage capacity of Hangzhou West Lake is nearly 14 million cubic meters, which is equivalent to the water storage capacity of 106 Hangzhou West Lakes. “More than 200 mm of precipitation in one hour” means that more than 100 West Lake water was poured into Zhengzhou in just one hour. This is only one hour on the 20th, and in the past 24 hours, the rainfall in Zhengzhou has reached 546 mm .

The operation of Foxconn and other companies has attracted attention

Since Zhengzhou is a major production center of consumer electronics in the world, under the impact of heavy rains, the operations of well-known companies such as Foxconn in Zhengzhou have also attracted attention from the outside world.

According to public information, Foxconn Technology Group has three factories in Zhengzhou, namely Zhengzhou Airport Factory, Economic Development Zone Factory, and Zhongmu County Factory. The Zhengzhou factory is also the main manufacturing base for Foxconn to produce iPhones for Apple. There are more than 90 production lines and about 350,000 workers. About half of the world’s iPhones come from the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou.

On the evening of July 20, Foxconn said: “At present, the three factories are operating normally and will continue to pay attention to the situation.”

It is reported that the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou is currently preparing for the mass production of Apple’s new iPhone. Recently, the iDPBG Zhengzhou plant, which is responsible for the production of the iPhone, announced that it will increase the bonus for internal recommended partners to RMB 7,000. According to statistics, the total export value of Zhengzhou Foxconn in 2019 was 219.9 billion yuan, and the total import value was 113.8 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 81% of Zhengzhou’s total import and export.

A number of technology companies donated to support Henan

Fii: Donated 100 million yuan, Chairman Li Junqi cheered for his hometown

On July 21, Fii announced a donation of 100 million yuan on behalf of Foxconn Group for local disaster relief work and post-disaster reconstruction in Henan. Fii said that up to now, the personnel of each Henan subsidiary are safe and production is running normally. The company will continue to guarantee the operation and production under the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, and contribute to the economic recovery after the disaster. Li Junqi, chairman of Fulian Industrial, said that as a native of Henan, he always pays attention to the situation in his hometown. I hope that my hometown will stand up and the villagers will be safe; I will repay the society with industry, and I will be unswerving!

Tencent announced to donate 100 million yuan to help Henan

Tencent Group announced that the Tencent Charity Foundation will donate the first batch of 100 million yuan, in conjunction with frontline rescue agencies and charitable organizations, to ensure the personal safety of local people and to purchase emergency relief materials. Tencent said that it is urgently mobilizing product technical resources to help the government and all sectors of society fight floods and disasters.

Xiaomi announced to donate 50 million yuan to help Henan

Xiaomi Lei Jun posted on Weibo that the Xiaomi Public Welfare Foundation announced a donation of 50 million yuan to urgently help Henan. Come on, Zhengzhou, hold on to Henan!

Put your money to work!A number of technology Internet companies rushed to Henan

Alibaba: Provided the first batch of 450,000 pieces of vegetables for free, and donated 150 million yuan to help Henan

Alibaba Philanthropy announced on its official blog that it has launched a number of actions to support Henan. AutoNavi, Alibaba Cloud, Cainiao, MMC Henan Branch and Alibaba Health have all carried out emergency actions. Among them, MMC Henan Branch provided the first batch of 450,000 vegetables, grains and oils and other daily necessities for free to 7,000 communities and 21,000 groups in Zhengzhou. In addition, Alibaba announced that the Alibaba Foundation will donate an additional RMB 100 million, and the Jack Ma Foundation will donate RMB 50 million to cooperate with the Henan Provincial Government for emergency measures and post-disaster recovery.

Baidu: Donate 90 million yuan to help Henan

Today, the Baidu Foundation announced an emergency donation of RMB 90 million to help Henan fight against dangers and disasters. Baidu’s products such as Baidu App, Baidu Tieba, Baidu Health Medical Code, Kanhao Video, Baidu Map, etc., have launched functions such as the rainstorm mutual assistance channel, to fully assist the government and all sectors of society in disaster relief.

Today’s headline: Donate 100 million yuan to support flood control and disaster relief in Henan, to help children in disaster areas

The Beijing ByteDance Public Welfare Foundation announced a donation of 100 million yuan, in conjunction with public welfare organizations, to give priority to providing services for the safety and living and learning of children in the disaster-stricken areas.

360 Digits: Zhou Hongyi will donate 20 million, 360 Digits will donate 20 million

360 Group announced that 360 Group and its founder and chairman Zhou Hongyi will donate 20 million yuan, and 360 Digits announced a donation of 20 million yuan, totaling 40 million yuan. Through the 360 ​​Public Welfare Foundation, together with local relief agencies and charitable organizations, we urgently raised relevant disaster relief materials and invested in front-line disaster relief work.

OPPO: Donate 50 million yuan to help Henan

After learning of the disaster, OPPO immediately contacted various departments and donated 50 million yuan to the Henan Charity Federation to purchase necessary living, flood control materials and post-disaster reconstruction for the affected people. At the same time, many OPPO offline stores provide mobile communication, mobile phone charging, and necessary water and food to those in need while ensuring safety.

JD.com: The first batch of donated materials have arrived at the disaster relief site in Henan

At noon on the 21st, more than 20 JD logistics rescue teams carrying the first batch of relief supplies donated by JD arrived in Zhongmu County, Henan Province. After the local flood situation in Henan, JD.com quickly organized its forces to urgently dispatch a large number of flood control materials such as shovels, life jackets, raincoats, rubber shoes and other living materials such as mineral water, instant noodles, and ham sausages from the nearest Zhengzhou Yayi Smart Warehouse. disaster area.

There is a regulation within JD.com: When a disaster occurs anywhere in the country, the managers of JD.com’s nearby warehouses do not need to report, that is, they have the right to donate the materials needed by the disaster-stricken areas in the warehouse. At the same time, JD.com will also set up an emergency support team as soon as possible to ensure the special delivery of disaster relief materials.

Ideal Auto: Donate 10 million yuan to help Henan

Li Auto’s official blog said that many places in Henan suffered from continuous heavy rainfall, and Zhengzhou and other cities suffered serious waterlogging disasters. Li Auto donated 10 million yuan to Henan Charity Federation for flood control and disaster relief. Li Auto will pay close attention to the development of the disaster and fully support the relief work.

Weilai Automobile: Donated 15 million yuan to help Henan

Weilai Automobile announced that Zhengzhou and Henan suffered from waterlogging disasters caused by extreme heavy rainfall. Weilai donated 15 million yuan to support disaster relief and relief work, and has mobilized dozens of mobile trolleys and service vehicles to provide services to users. .

AutoNavi Map: Online Henan Rainstorm Information Mutual Aid Channel

At 3:55 a.m. today @ AutoNavi Maps official Weibo said that the Henan rainstorm information mutual assistance channel has been launched. Local users in Henan can enter the mutual aid channel by clicking the “water accumulation” icon on the map, and can check the phone number of the rescue team, information on nearby shelters, or publish information for help.

At the same time, local Henan companies such as Muyuan, Yutong, Jianye, Sanquan, Sinian, Banu, Tianming, etc. in the center of the disaster, while actively saving themselves, also donated money and materials to purchase relief materials to support the disaster-stricken areas and the masses , will be in the same boat with Zhengzhou and Henan.

Come on Henan! Zhengzhou hold on!

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