Microsoft acquired RPA supplier Softomotive, seeking a sense of existence on the road of automated process technology?

According to reports, Microsoft has publicly announced the acquisition of Robot Process Automation (RPA) technology supplier Softomotive, aimed at integrating with Microsoft’s existing automation process technology and strengthening related functions.

Established in 2005, Softomotive’s product “WinAutomation” is a well-known RPA tool. According to Hong Kong IDC Xintianyu Internet, it can provide connection interfaces for a variety of mainstream applications, including SAP, HTML5, .NET, old terminal screens, Java , Citrix, etc. realize process automation, and its drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily define and modify, so that the user group can run multiple automated tasks simultaneously on a single machine.

After joining Microsoft, WinAutomation will be integrated with Microsoft’s existing Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow). Microsoft said that the newly integrated tool allows anyone to create process robots to automate the scheduling and execution of tasks on the Windows platform. Users can set up processes through convenient applications or Microsoft browsers to automate processes. Expand to a variety of applications.

Softomotive pointed out that the integration of Microsoft can not only improve scalability, but also integrate AI, analysis tools, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft Power Automate officially changed its name at the “Ignite Conference” last year, and added AI data understanding tool AI Builder and process development tool UI flows, etc., built-in 315 APIs, and the number of existing enterprise users is 350,000.

This month, Microsoft also held an online Build developer conference as scheduled, announcing that it would spend $1 billion to try to establish a general A new venture OpenAI cooperation, and jointly build the world’s fastest supercomputer on the basis of Azure cloud, and also launched for the healthcare field. The exclusive cloud solution “Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare” and so on.

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