Method for identifying and detecting cigarette rods or filter rods

According to a report from the website of the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent “Method and device for identifying the heterogeneity of tobacco processing industry materials” (application number: CN201310235096.5) applied by Hauni Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduced A method and device for identifying and detecting material strips (i.e., cigarette rods or filter rods) in the tobacco processing industry.

An object is placed in the material strip at a predetermined position, and after the object is placed The strip of material is transported longitudinally by at least two rod-shaped material measuring devices operating at different frequencies. In order to measure and evaluate the measurement signal, the material strip is divided into object sections and empty sections.

   Furthermore, the present invention relates to a stick-making machine (a cigarette making machine or a filter rod forming machine), a use and a software program for the tobacco processing industry. According to the method of the present invention, different evaluation methods are used to evaluate the measurement signal of the rod-shaped material measuring device in the object section and the empty section: in the object section, the object algorithm is used to evaluate at least the change in the time of the measurement signal.

Position determination and/or quality monitoring of an object; use at least one empty segment algorithm in the empty segment to identify unqualified products, foreign objects and/or detect at least one additive in the material strip, especially softening The amount of agent.

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