McDonald’s hit by cyber attack – customer information leaked in Taiwan and South Korea

  McDonald’s hit by cyber attack – customer information leaked in Taiwan and South Korea

McDonald’s said hackers stole some data from its systems in markets including the U.S., South Korea and Taiwan, another example of cybercriminals infiltrating high-profile global companies.

The burger chain said on June 11, local time, that the company recently hired outside consultants to investigate unauthorized activity in internal security systems, triggered by a specific incident in which unauthorized access was identified a week after it was identified. Cut off, McDonald’s said. Investigators found company data had been compromised in markets including the U.S., South Korea and Taiwan, the company said.

In a message to U.S. employees, McDonald’s said the breach disclosed some business contact information for U.S. employees and franchisees, as well as some restaurant information, such as seating capacity and play area size. The company said no customer data was compromised in the U.S. and that the employee data exposed was not sensitive or personal. The company advises employees and franchisees to watch out for phishing emails and exercise caution when asked for information.

McDonald’s said the attackers stole emails, phone numbers and addresses of food delivery customers in South Korea and Taiwan. In Taiwan, the hackers also stole employee information, including names and contact information, McDonald’s said. The company said the number of exposed documents was small, but did not disclose how many people were affected. McDonald’s said the breach did not include customer payment information.

McDonald’s said its units in South Korea and Taiwan notified Asian regulators of the breach on Friday, and they will contact customers and employees. The company said its divisions will also notify some employees in South Africa and Russia of possible unauthorized access to their information. The survey also flagged these countries.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the hack. A McDonald’s spokesman did not respond to emailed questions from reporters asking who might be to blame.

McDonald’s, which had $19.2 billion in revenue last year, is the latest fast-food provider to have customer data stolen by hackers.

In other cases, cybercriminals have compromised payment machines and gained access to vast amounts of customer data. That’s what happened when Checkers Drive-In Restaurants was hacked in 2019, compromising data such as payment card numbers and verification codes, affecting more than 100 Checkers stores. The most notorious group using this tactic is FIN7, a multibillion-dollar criminal group that targets payment data from Chipotle, Red Robin, and Taco’s John.

McDonald’s has defended its cybersecurity practices. “McDonald’s understands the importance of effective security measures to protect information, which is why we have invested heavily in implementing multiple security tools as part of our deep cybersecurity defenses,” the company’s statement read.

“Next, McDonald’s will use the findings of the investigation and the input of security resources to further strengthen our existing security measures.”

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