Many executives have left, can Apple still succeed in building a car?

Earlier, a number of Apple executives responsible for automotive projects left, and then executives with no experience in the automotive industry were responsible for the automotive project. Recently, the code-named “IronHeart” plan was reported. However, this plan has nothing to do with the core technology of the car, and It is a project to develop the connection between the iPhone and the air conditioning system, speedometer and other functions. On the surface, it seems that Apple is still continuing the car project, but this just reflects that Apple’s car project has entered the brink of failure.

Many executives have left, can Apple still succeed in building a car?

Apple’s involvement in the automotive industry is based on the CarPlay in-vehicle system launched a few years ago. At that time, CarPlay was indeed supported by most of the world’s car companies. After all, most of the iPhone users were high-end consumers.

However, the CarPlay in-car system is an interconnected system after all, and cannot control the car; for safety reasons, car companies will not allow smartphone companies to intervene in the operation of cars. If Apple wants to really enter the automotive industry, it will naturally have to rely on autonomous driving technology, or even directly build cars.

Apple’s self-driving technology is not leading in the world, and the industry is quite crowded now. Technology companies are developing self-driving technology one after another. Apple is far behind in self-driving technology. More importantly, Apple’s CEO Cook is a qualified It is too difficult for Cook to be a successor without the ability to innovate. It is too difficult for Cook to open up a new field of automobiles. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to believe that Apple can catch up with other companies in autonomous driving technology.

Auto companies have recognized the value of data. After all, Tesla has made billions of dollars in revenue from autonomous driving technology and in-vehicle connectivity. Auto companies are worried that accessing the autonomous driving technology of technology companies will lead to their own vassalage, so they have increasingly resisted. The technology of technology companies began to develop autonomous driving technology on their own.

Many executives have left, can Apple still succeed in building a car?

Due to this concern of auto companies, it was previously reported that Apple’s plan to find auto companies as an OEM has suffered setbacks. It has been rumored that companies such as Hyundai Motor, which are negotiating to produce cars for Apple’s OEM, have finally failed. Plan to build your own car.

At that time, people in the industry believed that with Apple’s strong financial advantages, Apple had a cash reserve of more than 200 billion US dollars, and it should not be a problem to build a car on its own. However, building a car is not an easy task. After more than ten years of car building, China’s three major Internet car manufacturers have either found traditional car companies for contract manufacturing, or cooperated with traditional car companies to build production lines. It can be seen that car manufacturing is a matter that requires technology accumulation.

At this time, the heads of Apple’s car projects with car-building experience have left one after another. The executives who have left said they are very happy to return to companies with automotive technology, and replaced them with executives who have no experience in car-making to take charge of the project. It shows that Apple’s self-built car is likely to have failed.

Now Apple’s “IronHeart” plan may just be that Apple said that it will not give up the car project, but in fact it may have regarded the car project as a chicken rib, and some conditions are needed to trigger its management to announce the abandonment Just a car project.

Many executives have left, can Apple still succeed in building a car?

The automotive industry has been valued by technology companies because of the new energy vehicle whirlwind caused by Tesla. Relying on the surge in sales of new energy vehicles, Tesla’s market value has soared. Tesla’s market value is already the number one brother in the automotive industry – Toyota’s number However, Tesla’s net profit is still quite limited. Today’s self-driving technology has led to hundreds of accidents and dozens of deaths around the world, causing all parties to question the self-driving technology. Tesla’s plan to rely on software to make profits frustrated.

With the rise of new energy vehicles, traditional auto companies are stepping up their efforts to enter this market. The sales of the ID series launched by Volkswagen have skyrocketed, proving the competitiveness of traditional auto companies in the new energy vehicle market. How long will it last? If new energy vehicle companies are defeated by traditional auto companies, the myth of new energy vehicles should also end. Perhaps by that time, the enthusiasm of technology companies for the auto industry will quickly cool down.

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