Local IGBT manufacturers: 12-inch chip production capacity can achieve monthly production of 30,000 pieces by the end of the year

On July 30, Silan Micro said on the investor interaction platform that the release of the production capacity of the chip production line is a gradual process of climbing. By the end of 2021, a monthly production capacity of 30,000 12-inch chips will be formed.

Relevant information shows that Silan Micro was established in 1997. The company was initially mainly engaged in the design, packaging and testing and sales of integrated circuits. In 2002, Silan Micro’s first 5/6-inch compatible production line was put into production, and the company officially became a member of the silicon chip manufacturing field. This production line is also my country’s first 6-inch wafer manufacturing investment and construction by private enterprises. Wire.

In the next 20 years, Silan Micro has continuously expanded its product line in the process of development. Up to now, the company has formed devices (mainly power semiconductor devices MOSFET, IGBT, diodes and other products), integrated circuits (mainly including IPM, MCU, MEMS sensors, power management chips, digital audio and video circuits, etc.), LED chips and epitaxial wafers It is a semiconductor IDM manufacturer with the most complete product line in China. Products are mainly used in consumer electronics, industrial control, new energy, automotive electronics and other fields.

Silan’s automotive IGBT started late. Compared with Star, CRRC Electric and BYD, the reputation of Silan is not obvious. Ideal and other new car-making forces began to test domestic IGBT products at the end of 2019 or early 2020. Micro is normal.

In 2020, the company increased investment in the research and development of automotive-grade power module products, high-end power devices, circuits, and MEMS sensors. The electric vehicle main motor drive module based on the company’s self-developed V-generation IGBT and FRD chips has passed the test of some customers and began to supply small batches; the company’s Electronic control MCU products continue to be used in industrial inverters, industrial UPS, photovoltaic inverters, Textile machinery servo products, various inverter fan applications and electric bicycles have been widely used in many fields; the company’s voice recognition chips and application solutions continue to be promoted in the smart home appliance systems of domestic mainstream white goods manufacturers, and have been widely used. applications; the company developed a series of fast charging chipsets for smartphones, as well as a series of multi-protocol fast charging solutions for travel chargers, mobile power supplies and car chargers, which have been applied by domestic mobile phone brand manufacturers, with significant shipments improve.

In 2020, the company’s technology platform research and development of discrete devices such as superjunction MOSFETs, IGBTs, FRDs, and high-performance low-voltage split-gate MOSFETs continued to make rapid progress, with product performance reaching an industry-leading level. Silan’s discrete devices and high-power modules have begun to accelerate their entry into new energy vehicles, photovoltaics and other markets, in addition to accelerating their expansion in white goods, industrial control and other markets. It is expected that the company’s discrete device products will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years.

At present, China is still the largest chip market in the world. In 2020, the sales of China’s chip market reached 151.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 5.0% compared with 2019. In addition, China has been actively supporting Chinese semiconductor manufacturers to conduct independent research and development to improve the level of semiconductor technology. In August 2020, the state issued the “New Era Policy” to further optimize the development environment of the integrated circuit industry and software industry from eight aspects, including fiscal and taxation policies, research and development policies, talent policies, and intellectual property policies, so as to provide my country’s Semiconductor manufacturers have provided a guarantee for improving their industrial innovation capabilities and development quality.

In January 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Action Plan” and proposed the important task plan that my country, as a major producer of electronic components, will achieve by 2023. In the same month, the inter-ministerial joint meeting on energy conservation and new energy automobile industry development also discussed in depth the implementation of the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)” to accelerate the pace of building my country’s automobile power.

As a chip manufacturing platform with characteristic technology in my country, Silan Micro has established a relatively complete IDM (Integrated Design and Manufacturing) business model, and has been recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other national ministries and commissions as ” “Key software and integrated circuit design enterprises within the national planning and layout”, an enterprise that has successively undertaken a number of scientific research special projects of the “01 Special Project” and “02 Special Project” of the National Science and Technology Major Project.

As a semiconductor company with IDM as its main business model, Silan Micro has always regarded the international advanced IDM factories as the company’s learning benchmark, and strives to build the company into a comprehensive semiconductor product supplier with its own brand and world-class competitiveness. business.

So far, some samples of Silan’s vehicle-mounted IGBTs have come out, and some A00-level customers have begun to use them. Leapmotor and Lingdian have adopted Silan’s micro-modules. The route to be taken by Silanwei is the route of CRRC and STAR, and the first entry is from the logistics, bus, and A00 level. Although Silan Micro started slowly, its advantage lies in IDM, and its own 6-, 8-, and 12-inch production line product iterations are very blocky (it only takes 3 months for the first version of the product, and 6 months for Fabless). In the industrial field, Silan will be Star’s biggest competitor in the future, and the car-carrying aspect mainly depends on his transition from A00-class cars to A-class cars.

Diversified and high-quality products have won the recognition of many brand customers for Silan Micro. At present, Silan Micro has obtained multi-party quality management system certification, and its products have also been certified by Xiaomi, VIVO, OPPO, Hikvision, Dahua, Midea, Gree, Hisense, Haier, Inovance, LG, Osram, Sony, Delta , Daktronics, Japan NEC and other global brand customers. This provides an important guarantee for the company to participate in market competition, develop high-end markets, and develop high-quality major customers.

Silan Micro 12-inch started mass production at the end of last year, and Silan Micro 12-inch MOS products were used in the early stage. Last year, the company made 100 million industrial 1200V IGBTs, and this year it can make 200-300 million. Silan Micro IGBT can not only power the motor, but also provide IPM and charging Mos for vehicles. The FRD (Fast Recovery Diode) in the module is the strongest in Silan. Both Star and BYD will purchase from Silan, and use Silan Micro’s IGBT modules, don’t worry about capacity constraints, the 45 billion market will create another Silan Micro.

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