Jintike won the title of “Leading Enterprise of High-quality Development” in 2021, and high-quality development has become the main line of enterprise growth

On the afternoon of November 3, the 2021 High-Quality Development “Leaders of Leading Enterprises” award ceremony was held in Shenzhen. The event commended 20 leading enterprises and 20 leading figures in high-quality development. Shenzhen Jintike semiconductor Co., Ltd. is on the list as a national high-tech enterprise focusing on data storage, and was awarded the title of 2021 High-quality Development Leading Enterprise.

It is understood that after more than three months of selection and nomination, visits and inspections and comprehensive review by experts, 20 enterprises stood out from 702 applicants and became the leading enterprises in Shenzhen’s high-quality development.

According to the “2021 High-Quality Development Leading Enterprise Evaluation Report” issued by the organizing committee, the high-quality development of enterprises is evaluated from the dimensions of innovation, sharing, coordination, efficiency, greenness, openness, and others, highlighting the innovation drive of high-quality development of enterprises. Green and low-carbon, spillover effect, deeply integrated into the global industrial chain and market, sharing growth benefits and economic benefits with the society and employees. According to the evaluation dimension, Jintigo’s total score ranks first in the list of top eight manufacturing entities; according to the five aspects of employee sharing, including enterprise development, gender equality, social responsibility, technology sharing, and economic achievement sharing, Jintigo is still ” It ranks first in the single item ranking of “sharing”; it also ranks first in the single item ranking of “benefit”.

Seize development opportunities to speed up transformation and upgrading

It is understood that Kimtigo, as a national high-tech enterprise, focuses on data storage. It is a fast storage professional solution provider integrating R&D, production and marketing of its own brand products. The company has a full storage product chain, covering consumer-grade, industrial control-grade, enterprise-grade and embedded storage products, etc. The company can also provide customized data storage solutions for market segments and specific application scenarios.

Looking back on the company’s development history, challenges and opportunities coexist. At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it mainly sold Electronic products as an agent, but this was not what the company and its founder Li Chuangfeng pursued. In 2004, when the supply of memory was in short supply, the company began to manufacture memory sticks, and by using SMT placement, the repair rate of Jintigo memory sticks was only a few thousandths. Due to the excellent quality, the products are very popular, even comparable to the original ones. In 2005, the company’s tiger head logo went from Shenzhen to the whole country, and its turnover doubled year after year, starting a seven-year high-speed growth.

In the seven years of rapid development from 2005 to 2012, the company continued to strengthen the management and control of channels, adhered to the exclusive agency, implemented the strictest management of collusion, and accumulated a large number of high-quality customers through channels; from 2010 to 2012, the company even resisted temptation and pressure. , shut down all industries that do not conform to the values, and decided to only do storage for a lifetime; in 2012, Jintaike invested a lot of money in R&D, and the R&D personnel expanded to more than 200 people. Quality-oriented.

In the follow-up development, Kingtek has successively set up R&D centers in Shenzhen and Shanghai, branches or offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places, and will upgrade the brand and successfully complete the A round of financing in 2021. The “key” of high-quality development has entered the open mode.

Based on quality, relying on quality development

Looking at the development of China’s semiconductor industry, compared with developed countries such as the United States, China started late, and its technical strength and talent pool are relatively weak. Especially under the influence of the continuous Sino-US trade friction and the shortage of chips, the storage industry is facing many challenges.

The more difficult it is to develop, the more strictly Jintaike controls the quality. The company invested funds to build an experimental platform and increased research and development efforts. So far, the company has accumulated more than 200 independent intellectual property rights, including 140 substantiated and authorized invention patents, covering all aspects of product development, manufacturing and quality control. In 2021, the company will successively launch memory products X4, Z3, T4, high-speed solid-state drives TP3000, TP3500, TP3500 Pro, embedded products EMMC5.1 series, LPDDR4x2G, etc., and continue to introduce industry-leading technologies, taking the lead in the industry for spot sales For T4 DDR5 memory products, it almost maintains the new speed of one product per month.

With quality assurance, it is more worthy of customer trust. As a Chinese semiconductor data storage company with relatively large brand influence, Jintigo takes promoting the ecological construction of Xinchuang as its own responsibility, continuously develops special products of Xinchuang, and has reached strategic partnerships with many domestic memory chip manufacturers. It is an important supplier of machine enterprises and has accumulated a relatively obvious first-mover advantage in the field of Xinchuang. In addition, Kingtek also broke the inherent thinking, opened online sales models such as Tmall, JD.com, and Pinduoduo, developed e-commerce with the help of Douyin, and started cross-border cooperation with the well-known e-sports game “Dream Three Kingdoms 2”. The popularity in the industry and on the consumer side is getting higher and higher.

According to the latest data released by TrendForce, among the top ten SSD module manufacturers in the world in terms of market share in terms of market share in 2020, Kingtek’s SSD shipment market share ranks third and ranks first in mainland China.

The annual revenue growth rate of Jintigo DRAM is the highest among the top ten manufacturers in 2020, with an increase of nearly 50%, and the ranking has also been promoted from the sixth place in 2019 to the fourth place. It can be seen from the data that Jintigo’s storage products have been recognized by the market.

A new starting point and a new journey High-quality development is what the company has always pursued

It is understood that since 2010, the global semiconductor industry has maintained steady growth, while the growth rate of my country’s industry is 3.3 times that of the global industry. The strong assembly and manufacturing capabilities of PCs, smartphones and other fields have made my country the world’s largest semiconductor consumer. The market is in a state of short supply.

According to data, the size of China’s semiconductor storage equipment market in 2018 was 13.11 billion US dollars, but the sales of domestic semiconductor equipment is expected to be 10.9 billion yuan, and the self-sufficiency rate is only about 12%. As the granary of electronic systems and the carrier of data, memory chips are related to data security, and my country’s dependence on foreign memory chips exceeds 90%. From the aspects of safety, necessity, and urgency, it is urgent to accelerate the development of domestic storage. At present, my country supports the semiconductor industry in terms of policy, capital, and market environment to solve problems such as low self-sufficiency.

After years of development, Kingtek has accumulated rich experience and has one of the best volume and market share among its own brands in the storage field. The quality control system and quality system tested by major manufacturers have super-strong control capabilities for upstream suppliers and downstream demand sides, as well as a traditional sales network and agent base all over the country, in quality management, product system construction, talent system training, etc. Multiple dimensions have built a moat with the personality of the Jintike brand. In the new historical opportunity period, Jintigo has stronger confidence to seize the opportunity and build a national tide storage brand.

Good storage is fast. Li Chuangfeng, founder and chairman of Kingtek, said that winning the honorary title of the 2021 high-quality development leader is a full affirmation of Kingtek’s focus on the storage field. For the future, Jintigo will seize opportunities, insist on development, and demand quality, orders and profits from development. Through innovation in science and technology, improve product quality, reduce production costs and energy consumption, in order to pursue greater development space and higher development quality.

High-quality development is the theme of my country’s economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan and beyond. At present, Shenzhen has entered a golden development period driven by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone. Development, and lead a group of enterprises to develop high-quality, to help Shenzhen’s economic development.

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