High-power/isolated power supply technology innovation helps “Technology to reduce carbon”

Editor’s note: In order to reduce the global greenhouse effect, countries around the world have implemented greenhouse gas emission reduction actions in the form of a global agreement. China has proposed “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral” goals, and has begun to implement economic transformation and upgrading actions centered on new infrastructure , Making technological innovation an important means of reducing carbon. From emerging photovoltaic power generation to wind power generation, energy storage, new energy vehicles, charging piles, to traditional communication base stations, servers, etc., vigorously promote the use of energy-saving high-power power supply technology solutions, and high-power power supply technology is further “Proposed innovation challenges. A few days ago, Yin Liang, business development manager of MPS’s DC/DC product line, systematically explained innovative products and solutions in the field of isolated power technology.

Isolation and isolation technology

Why do high-power power supplies need isolation technology? Yin Liang, business development manager of MPS’s DC/DC product line, described the working principle of power isolation technology in detail.

High-power/isolated power supply technology innovation helps “Technology to reduce carbon”

First of all, isolation is safe from the most intuitive point of view. High-power power supplies often need to be driven by high voltage and high current. In order to avoid human contact with the high voltage and high current of Electronic products, isolation measures are needed to ensure safe use. .

From the picture above, we can see that the primary side is the low-voltage side, and the secondary side is the high-voltage side. The primary side may have some buttons for human-computer interaction during the design, or the shell will involve the human body to touch. At this time, if we conduct a complete electrical isolation on the primary and secondary side, we can well protect the human body and the circuit on the low-voltage side, and prevent the voltage impact on the high-voltage side or any ESD crosstalk from interfering with the control side and the human body.

Secondly, isolation technology can also achieve anti-interference. If electrical isolation is used, the grounds on the primary side and the secondary side are actually completely separated, without any loops, so that the analog signal ground and power ground can be separated. In fact, some anti-noise designs have been implemented. In addition, the stability of the signal connection can be better maintained, because relatively speaking, the sensitivity of analog signals to signals of this level will be higher than that of the high-voltage side. Separate them as much as possible.

Third, electronic systems often use level conversion. The two analog grounds in isolation technology are separated. After replacing them with high and low (high, low) digital signals, which are 0, 1, their corresponding output The level is determined by its power supply voltage, and the dual functions of isolation and level conversion can be completed at one time.

In the development process of isolation technology, MPS company has explored five different implementation schemes, that is, five power isolation products have been formed.

High-power/isolated power supply technology innovation helps “Technology to reduce carbon”

One is to isolate the gate driver.

It is an external drive for ordinary silicon MOS or IGBT or silicon carbide devices. This drive is self-isolated. The primary and secondary sides are two sets of systems, two sets of power supplies and two sets of grounds. It only transmits energy and signals purely. There is a high-voltage capacitor in the middle for isolation.

The second is a transformer driver that supplies power to the secondary side of the isolated drive.

Its power supply needs to be isolated from the input voltage of the primary side, and we need to build an auxiliary power supply system with a transformer.

The third is to isolate the power supply module.

When customers are doing board-level design, considering the size, complexity of the design and development cycle, some customers will prefer to use isolated power modules. Isolated power modules are equivalent to completely implementing the entire transformer design in the form of ICs. It also greatly shortens the design cycle.

The fourth is the digital isolation driver.

The same point with analog isolation products is that it transmits digital signals. There are several ways of signal transmission from the primary side to the secondary side or from the secondary side to the primary side. The primary and secondary sides will have corresponding power supply.

Fifth, the number is the isolation amplifier.

This isolation product is used to detect current/voltage and convert from analog signal to digital signal, but at the same time its analog side and digital side are also two different power supply and grounding systems.

Five advanced isolated power solutions

1. The overall solution of 3kW power level isolated power supply

High-power/isolated power supply technology innovation helps “Technology to reduce carbon”

For the 3KW power level, MPS has introduced a complete set of power conversion solutions with an input voltage range of 85V to 265Vac and an output voltage of 48V, including Totem Pole PFC (totem pole PFC) and LLC two-stage circuits. It uses the latest products such as MPS’s isolated gate driver MP188xx, PFC/LLC controller MPF320x0, integrated power digital isolator MPQ27800 and isolated current sensor MCS180x. The collaborative design of these devices enables the solution to achieve a power density of 2.14W/cm3 and an overall conversion efficiency of 96%.

2. Isolated gate drive product MP18831

High-power/isolated power supply technology innovation helps “Technology to reduce carbon”

MP18831 is an isolated half-bridge gate driver with up to 4A peak current capability. Using MPS’s proprietary high-voltage capacitive isolation technology, a withstand voltage of up to 5KVRMS and a common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) rated greater than 100KV/us can be achieved. The gate driver can drive various types of power switching devices, with short propagation delay and low pulse width distortion. Package options include SOIC-16 NB/WB, LGA-13, etc.

3. Four-channel digital isolator with integrated power supply-MPQ27800

High-power/isolated power supply technology innovation helps “Technology to reduce carbon”

It can provide up to 150Mbps transmission rate and 5V/200mA isolated power supply, signal transmission direction can have a variety of choices, perfect replacement of traditional optocoupler isolators and provide better performance. Similarly, it uses high-voltage capacitive isolation technology, which can achieve an isolation withstand voltage of 5KVRMS.

4. AC/DC power conversion digital controller MPF32010

High-power/isolated power supply technology innovation helps “Technology to reduce carbon”

The totem pole topology uses an active switch tube to replace the diode rectifier in the dual boost topology. This configuration can increase overall efficiency. Moreover, MPF32010 integrates the entire control loop and allows users to fine-tune the operation of the totem pole through a friendly graphical user interface, which greatly simplifies the design of the totem pole.

5. Independent isolated power supply module MID1W0505, MID6W2424 series

MID1W0505A is a semi-modulated, isolated DC/DC converter that supports input voltage (VIN) from 4.5V to 5.5V and output power (POUT) from -40°C to +125°C. ), and has an excellent load and linear adjustment rate. MID1W0505A-3 supports 3kVDC isolation voltage, it integrates power MOSFET, transformer and feedback circuit in one chip.

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