High-performance dedicated SoC chip developer Taixi Micro completes tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing

Lieyun.com recently learned that Shanghai Taixi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (“Taixi Micro”) announced the completion of tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Haisong Capital, followed by Xiangyu Capital and other institutions, and the old shareholder Xiangchuang continued to invest. Prior to this, Thai Silicon Micro had received angel round investment led by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Pre-A round investment led by Zhangjiang Ketou.

It is worth noting that this is the third round of high-quality financing completed within one and a half years of the establishment of Taixi Micro, with a cumulative financing amount of more than 100 million yuan. Thai Silicon Micro CEO Xiong Haifeng said that Thai Silicon Micro will continue to make efforts to develop application-oriented high-performance SoC chips.

Thai Silicon Micro was established in September 2019. At the beginning of its establishment, it was positioned on the development idea of ​​”MCU+”, that is, from the perspective of application, based on MCU, and featuring innovation, it independently defines and develops high-tech products suitable for mass vertical markets. Performance-specific SoC chip.

At present, Thai Silicon Micro’s chip products involve the integration of signal chain, radio frequency, power management, battery management and other analog technologies and microprocessors, covering various applications such as consumer electronics, industry and automobiles. It has not only completed multiple market segments Layout, and its chip product performance is also very good.

Take its already mass-produced signal chain series SoC chip-TCAS as an example. In addition to integrating a high-performance core and ultra-high operating frequency, Tai Silicon Micro also developed an original Tinywork technology to reduce the overall power consumption of the system (patent number: CN111427443A), so that the peripherals can work independently and cooperate with each other without the intervention of the core processor in the sleep mode, and can reduce the working current in typical application scenarios by more than 80%.

This series of chips can be widely used in systems that require high-precision measurement, and can effectively replace existing imported high-end signal chain chips that are in short supply or even restricted for sale.

Founder and CEO Xiong Haifeng said: Taixi Micro will continue to develop along the path of building a platform-based chip company. The funds raised in this round will also be mainly used for signal chain SoC, TWS headset human-computer interaction SoC and high-end PMIC SoC. Mass production of a chip product.

It is understood that Thai Silicon Micro has received millions of customer orders and has begun mass production and delivery. In addition, part of the funds raised in this round will also be used to start the related development work of car-regulated chips. With the help of rich engineering technology experience and peripheral related resources, Taixi Micro will develop car-regulated chips in the next few years.

Thai Silicon Micro has an experienced chip R&D and engineering team, strong channel capabilities and abundant customer resources. The founding team and core personnel are from Atmel, TI, Marvell, HiSilicon and other internationally renowned chip manufacturers, with an average of 20 years of experience in chip product development, dozens of successful tapeouts, and hundreds of millions of chip mass production and operation management experience .

Powerful technical capabilities and a strong team of talents have enabled Taixi Micro to have a high project development success rate, and some products can even be mass-produced in one tapeout.

Chen Liguang, CEO and managing partner of Haisong Capital, believes that MCU is a big market and a big track in the semiconductor field, but it is relatively fragmented, and the domestic vertical applications such as consumer electronics, automotive chips and other market spaces are huge, so it is based on the deep cultivation of vertical applications of MCU. Layout market segmentation with dedicated SoC chips is the market demand and the direction of technological innovation. Thai Silicon Micro has a domestic first-class R&D team and excellent product definition capabilities, and will have the opportunity to become a platform-based leader in the field of dedicated SoC chips in China. As a private equity investment institution with deep cultivating hard technology industry and deep industrial resources, Haisong Capital has rich industrial experience and investment layout in related fields such as automobiles and semiconductors. In the future, it will continue to support Taixi Micro’s long-term development in more market segments. developing.

Taixi Micro CEO Xiong Haifeng said: Taixi Micro promotes and controls the financing rhythm through key product milestones, and rationally treats valuations to ensure the company’s orderly and efficient growth. Therefore, Taixi Micro has its own financing at different stages. Planning and arrangement, but the open attitude and technology-focused genes of Taixi Micro will not change.

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