Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

1. Overview of the All-in-One Card

1.1 Definition of All-in-One Card and All-In-One Card Platform

All-in-one card: Through the all-in-one card platform, all systems closely related to the use of cards, certificates, tickets and cash are integrated together, so as to replace the original cards, certificates, tickets, and cash with one card, thereby facilitating the work of employees , Life and management. While it is convenient for employees, it improves the management level and service level of the enterprise, and reduces the enterprise’s investment in cards, certificates, and tickets.

All-in-one card platform: Provide unified management of cards; provide centralized settlement of various expenses incurred during the use of cards (originally through cards, certificates, tickets, and cash); provide information exchange between various integrated application systems to solve various problems. The problem of information islands between application systems.

1. 2 All-in-one card function

1) Improve service level: By replacing the original card, certificate, ticket, and cash with one card, the work, life and management of employees can be improved to achieve improved service level.

2) Improve management level: In terms of finance, the original scattered and relatively hidden business activities carried out through cards, certificates, tickets, and cash will be replaced with a centralized card, and the cards will be processed in various departments. The various consumption records of the company are cleared in a unified manner to achieve the purpose of financial management; in terms of certificate management, the original various certificates are issued through cards instead of, so as to achieve the level of strengthening the management of various certificates of the enterprise; from the development trend, it can be centered on A unified card is used to build some new systems, such as access control systems, attendance systems, identification machines, vehicle access control, and further improve the management level of the enterprise.

3) Reducing continuous investment: It used to be necessary to handle various cards, certificates, and tickets for employees. The cost of these cards, certificates, and tickets and the maintenance and management costs to ensure the normal use of these cards, certificates, and tickets are duplicated The phenomenon of investment; now the enterprise only needs to maintain a set of card service center and settlement center of the all-in-one card system, which can replace many card, certificate, and ticket systems that need to be maintained before, reducing the management cost of the enterprise.

4) Improving the image of the enterprise: The construction of the all-in-one card system has become an important symbol of enterprise informatization construction.

1. 3 Composition of the All-in-One Card Platform

The one-card platform provided by our company consists of the following parts

1) Information Exchange System

2) Universal application gateway

3) Card Service Center System

4) Settlement Center System

5) Parameter configuration system

Our company also provides optional systems for the all-in-one card platform. These systems are convenient for querying the data of the integrated systems and provide employees with self-management of their own cards. These systems are:

1) Touch screen self-service system

2) Voice self-service system

3) WEB query system

The application integration platform of the all-in-one card platform (information exchange system and general application gateway system are collectively referred to as application integration platform): it can be used to integrate the existing and future application systems of the enterprise, so that they can communicate with each other, exchange data, and solve The problem of existing information islands.

All-in-one card service center: realizes centralized management of corporate cards, which is convenient for employees and reduces costs, and can provide card information for other application systems integrated into the all-in-one card system, thereby replacing original cards, tickets, and certificates.

All-in-one card settlement center: It realizes the record of various consumption and charges for the use of the card, and conducts unified settlement to achieve the purpose of financial monitoring.

Parameter configuration system: It can meet the enterprise’s customized all-in-one card system, so that it can better meet the enterprise’s personalized management requirements.

The card service center system provided by our company provides a rich card type management support module in order to facilitate enterprises to control various usage situations and identity usage.

Official Card: Provided to official employees of the company

Temporary card: It is used by temporary personnel, employees during the period of use, visitors, vehicles, etc.

2. The role of the all-in-one card platform in the all-in-one card system

2.1 The status of the system closely related to the use of cards, certificates, tickets, and cash

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

When there is no all-in-one card platform, information communication and data sharing cannot be carried out between various systems. Each system uses its own cards, certificates, tickets, and cash. This brings about the following problems:

1) Employees have to purchase/configure multiple cards, and it is very inconvenient to use

2) Various bills are neither hygienic nor easy to manage

3) Cash is inconvenient and unsafe

4) The same data of each system needs to be input repeatedly, there is duplication of work, and consistency cannot be ensured

2.2 System status after the integration of the same cartoon platform

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

After integrating each application system into the all-in-one card platform, information communication and data sharing can be carried out between each system. Each system uses a unified card. The original cards, tickets, certificates, and cash are no longer needed. This brings the following benefit:

1) Employees only need one card, which is very convenient to use

2) Hygienic, safe and easy to manage

3) All systems share data, reduce duplication of work, and ensure data consistency

4) With the exchange of information, various systems can carry out business collaboration, thereby providing the value of system construction and achieving a construction effect of 1+1>2.

3. Introduction to the All-in-One Card Application System

3.1 Integrated consumption system

Using non-contact MIFARE ONE S50/S70/CPU/mobile phone card as the medium, Electronic money is used to replace the traditional transaction medium, and it is widely used in restaurants/canteens, laundry shops, small supermarkets, sports venues, libraries (copying, printing, etc.) For all internal consumption such as fee), shuttle bus consumption, cardholders can use one card to realize paperless electronic currency settlement within the enterprise, and improve work efficiency and management level through the intelligent management of the system.

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

3.2 Water saving control system

Our water-saving control system uses non-contact IC card (MIFARE ONE S50/S70/CPU/mobile phone card) as an electronic wallet, and uses a high-performance water-saving controller to automatically control the water outlet solenoid valve/electric valve to discharge and shut off the water. The time-based charging method can be completed, and the flow-based charging can also be completed through the valve and the flow meter. The water-saving controller automatically charges automatically from the consumer’s IC card electronic wallet. The water-saving control system provided by our company is suitable for various small consumption applications such as bath shower charge control, boiling water/hot water charge control, drinking water charge control, and dormitory cold/hot water charge control.

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

3.3 Access control system

Electronic access control and access control are increasingly becoming an important requirement of modern enterprises. In recent years, the non-contact IC card has become very popular in the access control market. Because it can be waterproof, anti-fouling, dust-proof, and humid in harsh environments, and its card-free action, fast sensing speed, in addition to convenience, it can also avoid card and reading The friction between the writers reduces the machine failure rate and equipment loss, and the inductive card reader system has the characteristics of partition wall sensing, which can take into account the privacy and the beauty of the decoration design.

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

3.4 Conference sign-in system

The conference sign-in system is specially designed to help companies manage various conferences. After the conference is set up and the conference is arranged, the system downloads the list of conference types and conference arrangements to the attendance machine, and the participants are attending the conference. Swipe the card at the time, and the attendance machine uses the saved meeting data to judge. If it is a participant, it will show that XX is welcome to participate in the XXX meeting and register the credit card record. If it is not a participant, it will prompt you not to participate in the meeting and register the abnormal credit card record. At the same time give voice prompts. After the conference card is swiped, the data in the attendance machine is collected into the conference sign-in database, and the report is generated through the analysis software of the conference sign-in system and the meeting schedule.

The two core functions of the system are:

1) Conduct meeting attendance (characteristics of attendance system)

2) Prevent irrelevant persons from participating in the meeting (features of the access control system)

3) Conference room resource management

3.5 Time Attendance Management System

The purpose of the attendance management system is to provide convenient, fast and modern management for the unit’s attendance, improve efficiency and save labor costs. The system integrates inductive IC card technology, computer technology and automatic control technology. In the hardware, you can use the attendance machine or the attendance access control machine for attendance.

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

3.6 Channel management system

With the advent of the 21st century, people have gradually stepped into the information age, and all-in-one card technology is being widely used in various fields of society, including the field of intelligent building management. The system can automatically count the flow of people entering and exiting the building, perform personnel identification, access time and other detailed information query, statistics, etc., which will greatly improve the comprehensive management level and management efficiency of the building.

This system is used to control the entrance and exit of all kinds of pedestrians.

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

3.7 Vehicle access control system

The IC card intelligent vehicle access management system is a collective term that combines vehicle identification, access control, and modern parking lot vehicle charging and equipment automation management. The system organically combines machinery, electronic computers, automatic control equipment, and smart IC card technology. Under management, it can realize the functions of vehicle image comparison, automatic charging, automatic data storage, etc., and the parking lot management system can realize offline operation, and it can still ensure the normal entry and exit of vehicles in the case of computer failure. It is a modern community property management Ideal facilities. Our company designs and provides a set of the most stringent, most advanced, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and reliable vehicle toll collection system, which can effectively plug the toll collection loopholes, reduce operating costs, increase economic benefits and reduce labor A modern vehicle toll management system that enhances strength and improves work efficiency.

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution
3.8 Load transfer system

This system is the main part and key of the enterprise card system to realize various settlements through electronic money. Use computer network, loading terminal equipment and corresponding software system to realize the transfer of the cardholder’s bank account funds to the corporate card account, and transform the original manual cash deposit method of the corporate card system into a self-operated loading transfer by the cardholder , Reduce cash flow and extend service time, which greatly facilitates cardholders, and is also an effective means for banks to expand their business and improve their service brand.

3.8.1 Schematic diagram of bank-to-school transfer fund transfer process

Haitian Aide: Enterprise’s traditional all-in-one card system solution

3.8.2 Network structure diagram

4. Introduction to existing application system integration

For existing systems, it is generally recommended to use the application integration kit provided by us for application hook development. This hook method has several advantages: information can be automatically exchanged, liquidation can be carried out in time, and a large number of all-in-one card system operating costs can be reduced.

This connection method is suitable for: third-party system providers can carry out system integration development or can provide the necessary database table structure and corresponding processing flow information.

4.1 Introduction to the application integration suite of the all-in-one card platform

All the application subsystems of the All-in-One Card can realize the access to the All-In-One Card platform by calling the All-In-One Card platform to provide an application integration kit, so as to achieve the following purposes:

First, use the all-in-one card platform to complete the information exchange between the various subsystems, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of information islands in each application subsystem, and achieve business collaboration between various application systems. On the basis of business collaboration, companies can integrate and optimize existing businesses according to their own needs, and can also develop new service businesses as needed.

Second, with the help of the all-in-one card platform, the unified clearing requirements of various consumer-related subsystems can be completed, which not only facilitates the majority of cardholders (teachers and students), but also achieves the purpose of corporate financial supervision.

Third, the various subsystems can realize various operations on the enterprise card, and achieve the purpose of universal use of the card.

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