Game company EA was hacked, FIFA21 source code leaked

  Game company EA was hacked, FIFA21 source code leaked

Recently, hackers attacked computer game maker Electronic Arts (EA) and stole the company’s extensive game library source code and related tools.

EA said it was investigating a recent cyber attack in which several game source code and related tools were stolen. The longtime game developer is known for games like The Sims, Madden NFL and FIFA 21, according to a statement published amid numerous online reports.

“The hackers did not have access to any player data, and we have no reason to believe there is any risk to player privacy,” the company said.

Hackers posted on a dark web forum that they stole the source code for EA’s FIFA 21 and its matching server, in addition to many other company assets, according to a report by Vice Motherboard late Thursday.

In the post, available through Google’s cached page from June 6, titled “We sell FIFA 21 full src code and tools,” hackers sold the aforementioned 780GB of leaked data for a price tag of $28 million.

The page lists a lot of stolen information, including FIFA 21 matchmaking servers, FIFA 22 API keys, some SDKs and debugging tools, and source code for FrostBite, the engine that powers other EA games, including Battlefied, and related debugging tools.

The hackers also claimed they possessed the code for many proprietary EA games, frameworks and SDKs, as well as other EA proprietary codes and API keys. “We have the ability to take full advantage of all EA services,” they wrote in the post.

If a significant portion of the company’s intellectual property (IP) falls into the wrong hands, the leak could create long-term problems for EA, security experts say, giving hackers multiple options to exploit the data they stole in the future.

Saryu Nayyar, CEO of security and risk analysis firm Gurucul, said: “Such attacks could bring down a business. Game source code is highly proprietary and sensitive intellectual property that is at the heart of a company’s service or product.”

Another security expert observed that by accessing EA’s intellectual property content, attackers can do many things to profit financially, not just sell it on the dark web, such as finding bugs in applications or outright pirating software .

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