Fuji 6MBI30FA-060

Fuji 6MBI30FA-060 Fuji 6MBI30FA-060

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Low Saturation Voltage
.Voltage Drive
.All Screw Terminals for Automated Assembly
.Inverter for Motor Dirve
.AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier
.Uninterruptible Power Supply
. Industrial Machines,such as Welding Machines
Maximum Ratings and Characteristics
.Asbsolute Maximum Ratings
Collector-base voltage Vces: 600V

Gate-Emitter Voltage Vges:±20 V
Collector Current IC:30 A
Collector Current (Pulse)* ICM:60 A
Power Device Junction Temperature Tj:150°C
Storage Temperature Tstg:-40 to 125 °C


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