FREESCALE’s three-axis acceleration sensor design scheme

Overview: Acceleration sensors are used to detect changes in tilt, movement, positioning, vibration and impact.For those consumer electronics customers who need a small package structure to meet fast response, high sensitivity, low current consumption, low voltage operation and standby mode, Freescale acceleration sensor is an ideal choice

Main features:

MMA7260QT low-cost miniature capacitive acceleration sensor adopts signal conditioning, single-pole low-pass filter and temperature compensation technology, and provides 4 ranges to choose from, and users can choose from 4 sensitivities. The device has low-pass filtering and has been compensated for zero g. This product also provides a sleep mode, so it is ideal for battery-charging handheld devices.


Optional sensitivity (1.5g/2g/4g/6g)

Low power consumption: 500 μA

Sleep mode: 3 μA

Low voltage operation: 2.2 V – 3.6 V

6mm x 6mm x 1.45 mm leadless quad flat (QFN) package;

High sensitivity (800 mV/g @ 1.5g)

Quick opening

Low-pass filter with internal signal conditioning

Stable design and strong shock resistance

Lead-free soldering

Environmentally friendly packaging

low cost

Program features:

The MMA7260QT has many unique features such as low power, low current, a quick turn on time, and 3-axis sensing with g-select all in a small QFN package. The STAR enables the user to quickly see many capabilities of the device along with application ideas to pursue. In addition, with data download capability, the STAR provides a quick way to prototype a software solution to gain a better understanding for the capability of the device.

A software program was developed to provide an interface as well as a development system. The software can be used for displaying the 8-bit ADC values ​​sent through the RS232 connection, or utilized for analyzing accelerometer data to demonstrate end applications.

For a final design, the g-Select is best configured to additional I/O of a chosen microcontroller. Therefore, the sensitivity of the device could be easily changed with a quick change in the software. In addition, the software can be configured so that different sensitivities can be used for several applications, where the MCU drives the g-Select during different modes of operation.

Scheme reference schematic diagram:

FREESCALE’s three-axis acceleration sensor design scheme

Reference pcb:

FREESCALE’s three-axis acceleration sensor design scheme

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