Electricity cost reduced by 20%-30%!Baidu Smart Cloud “Zero Carbon Park Solution” unveiled

Electricity cost reduced by 20%-30%!Baidu Smart Cloud “Zero Carbon Park Solution” unveiled

▲Li Shuo, vice president of Baidu, talked with Professor Pan Jiahua, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and an economist, with the theme of “AI Power, Carbon Neutrality”

“In the future new energy supply system, technology will play an increasingly important role.” At Baidu Create 2021 “Green Double Carbon Forum” on December 29, 2021, Baidu Vice President Li Shuo said.

At the forum, Li Shuo also had an in-depth dialogue with the economist Professor Pan Jiahua, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

On the same day, Baidu Smart Cloud released the “Zero Carbon Park Solution” to help industrial parks achieve their carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.

▎The work of carbon peak and carbon neutrality has a long way to go, and Yunzhi presents a new weapon

Under the vision of achieving the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality in my country, the value of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things continues to be highlighted. From the energy supply end to the energy use end, technology companies such as Baidu have helped the country achieve its carbon peak and carbon neutral goals in many ways.

From the perspective of energy supply, thermal power is the largest energy source in my country, accounting for 71.03% of all electricity. Baidu’s smart cloud smart energy solution, relying on the leading capability of “cloud smart integration”, allows thermal power companies to use cloud computing at low cost and quickly, and at the same time, through the prediction, optimization, scheduling, and monitoring capabilities of AI technology, it enables production, storage and transportation , Consumption, management and other links, realize various scene-based AI applications to help enterprises achieve carbon reduction, cost reduction, safety and efficiency improvement. This program has helped a thermal power plant to optimize the energy consumption of the air-cooling island in practice, reducing coal consumption by 1.55 g/kWh, and the effect is remarkable.

Electricity cost reduced by 20%-30%!Baidu Smart Cloud “Zero Carbon Park Solution” unveiled

On the energy side, industrial parks are the key to reducing carbon emissions in manufacturing. At the forum site, Baidu Smart Cloud released a new product-“Zero Carbon Park Solution”, covering many links in industrial park energy production, use, and carbon trading, providing intelligent power station inspection, smart scheduling, energy consumption monitoring and analysis, A variety of AI capabilities such as carbon neutral monitoring will empower the park’s carbon footprint tracking and carbon neutral management, reduce carbon emissions, help carbon trading, and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality. At present, the solution has been implemented in an industrial park, which can help enterprises in the park reduce electricity costs by 20-30%. It can also increase the operation and maintenance efficiency of energy-using facilities by 20% through energy use monitoring and early warning.

▎Energy supply and demand are more stable and safer due to AI, and green finance is promising

At present, cutting-edge topics such as technology empowerment, green manufacturing, and green finance have attracted much attention.

In the dialogue session with the theme “AI Boosting, Carbon Neutralization”, Li Shuo said that the new technology represented by artificial intelligence will significantly release the original system capabilities in important scenarios such as power dispatch, so that the original system can be used. Greater role. In addition, he also mentioned Baidu’s experience in participating in the NeurIPS grid dispatching competition in 2020: Baidu’s smart grid dispatching solution won the double-material championship of the event; Baidu Smart Cloud and the home grid jointly studied how to empower AI and ultra-large-scale computing power Power dispatch system.

Pan Jiahua pointed out that artificial intelligence is necessary for the competitiveness of the new energy market and the security of energy production and supply. In his view, the combination of high-speed computers, various algorithms and artificial intelligence decision-making can solve a variety of problems that cannot be handled by humans. Specifically, multi-energy complementation and energy storage require AI to calculate the matching of supply and demand in a specific area in real time to ensure stable output, and manual judgment will produce a time lag effect and cause interruptions. In addition, the orderly withdrawal of fossil energy requires comprehensive analysis, evaluation, and simulation calculations to obtain an optimal solution through AI to adjust electricity and energy consumption to lower energy consumption.

In addition, Li Shuo also said: “During the actual visit, we have observed that the current industrial manufacturing field has put forward clear green and low-carbon goals, and many companies have already carried out quite effective developments around “green factories” and “green manufacturing.” And practice for reference.”

Zhejiang Meixinda, a textile printing and dyeing company, cooperated with Baidu Smart Cloud to fully realize the digitalization of energy management and control from quality inspection to production control, which can save 1 million yuan in energy costs a year. It can be said that with the support of energy consumption monitoring and prediction management intelligent systems, Mixinda can quickly discover the key points of energy conservation for enterprises, reduce production energy consumption costs, and accelerate the achievement of carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.

In the process of optimizing their own energy consumption, manufacturing companies are increasingly demanding funds, and green finance has attracted much attention.

In this regard, Pan Jiahua said that the development of green finance is a manifestation of financial capital’s realization that carbon neutrality has become a general trend. In the future, it may withdraw from the high-carbon field and enter the zero-carbon field under the guidance of policies. This will send a signal to the market, contribute to the development of a green economy, support different types of enterprises in different fields, form an overall social atmosphere and guidelines for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality with financial power, and accelerate the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. And target process.

“Developing a green economy is not an overnight effort. Because this field involves participants in all social economic activities. Carbon reduction is a long-term and continuous process. Baidu is willing to shoulder our responsibilities with all customers and partners and continue to work hard. , To achieve the goal together.” Li Shuo said.

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