Dr. Peng and Megvii strategically cooperate to expand the AIoT intelligent “last mile” industry landing

C114 News, December 9th (Yan Yi) Recently, Dr. Peng and Megvii Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. The two parties will use the Internet of Things as the carrier of artificial intelligence to jointly build the Pengyun AIoT platform, and promote the AI ​​digital ecology, the AIoT intelligence of the community and building space, the expansion of the algorithm + software + terminal integrated solution, and the Brain++ open source ecological construction In-depth cooperation in other areas.

This strategic cooperation has a dual background and is of great significance to the future development of both parties. A strategic cooperation with Dr. Peng, with its rich cloud network resources and a digital service team of nearly 10,000 people, will speed up the better and faster implementation of technologies and products in the field of Megvii City Internet of Things. Megvii Technology will further help Dr. Peng complete the industrial upgrade and move quickly towards a smarter future.

It is reported that the two parties will use the Internet of Things as the carrier of artificial intelligence to jointly build the Pengyun AIoT platform, and use the advantages of despising algorithms, software and hardware products in the field of artificial intelligence to empower Dr. Peng’s core capabilities to integrate and upgrade; at the same time, the two parties jointly promote The implementation of the standard version of the AIoT solution will help despise algorithm engineering and technology commercialization, and ultimately achieve economies of scale.

In specific areas of cooperation, jointly promote the AI ​​digital and intelligent ecology. The two parties will rely on their respective advantages to actively explore cooperation opportunities for strategic technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in urban Internet of Things and personal Internet of Things scenarios, and cooperate closely in innovative application fields such as smart algorithms, smart device research and development, smart cities, and digital cities. Solve the intelligent “last mile”.

In terms of advancing the AIoT intelligence in communities and building spaces, the two parties will jointly create mature or customized software and hardware integrated solutions in business scenarios such as communities and smart buildings, covering cloud, edge, and end full-stack products, and use algorithms to empower individuals, Different terminals in families and industries empower the development of the digital economy.

In terms of expanding the full-stack solution of algorithm + software + terminal, the two parties will cooperate to focus on the field of urban Internet of Things, focusing on the core business and technology of both parties, and expand the market of education, agriculture and commerce, finance, industrial manufacturing, transportation and other industries. Give full play to their respective advantages, lock in scenes, dig deeper into data, and use technological innovation and practical verification to lead the leapfrog development of the smart city field.

Finally, the two parties will jointly promote the construction of the Brain++ open source ecosystem. Relying on Megvii Brain++’s large-scale distributed training capabilities and distributed computing technology, Megvii Research Institute and Dr. Peng Research Institute have jointly researched to promote the open source core framework, open computing power and data platform under the needs of customers in different industries in multiple scenarios. Solve the problems of high threshold, high cost and low efficiency in AI research and development, and provide one-stop, full-process artificial intelligence solutions for all walks of life, education and research.

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