Demonstrating the hard power of science and technology, the four-dimensional Zhilian shaking 8 music car machine is about to debut at the High-tech Fair

From January 13th to 17th, the 21st China International High-tech Achievement Fair (referred to as the “High-tech Fair”), known as “China’s No. 1 Science and Technology Exhibition”, will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Every year, the Hi-Tech Fair will attract high-tech enterprises from all over the world. As a leading enterprise in the intelligent network connection industry, Siwei Zhilian will bring its after-installed intelligent network connection terminal product – Dou8 music car machine to participate in this event to share the latest technology and industry with the industry. R & D results.

Witness the exhibition of innovative technology shaking 8 popular hardcore products

In this Hi-Tech Fair, Siwei Zhilian Shake 8 music car machine was exhibited at booth 3B29 in Hall 3 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Siwei Zhilian was established by the spin-off of NavInfo (stock code: 002405) the original intelligent network connection business. Since its establishment, it has obtained strategic investment from Tencent, Didi, Weilai Capital, Shangxun, Bosch, AIWAYS, Toyota and other institutions. Dou8 music car machine is an intelligent network-connected terminal product completely independently developed by Siwei Zhilian, integrating software and hardware. In terms of hardware, it is equipped with Athena OS, an exclusive intelligent driving system, and adopts car-grade 28-bit DSP audio processor and audio Module, in-depth aggregation of QQ music and massive lossless audio resources from Himalaya; in terms of intelligent voice, multi-mode interaction is realized, and the vehicle can be fully controlled through intelligent voice, such as navigation opening, night and day mode, music opening and control, etc., completely liberating With two-hand operation, the owner’s attention is more concentrated on the steering wheel, making the driving behavior safer.

In this exhibition, D9 and A5, the two popular smart connected terminal products of Siwei Zhilian, will be unveiled together, covering the mid-to-high-end market, allowing the audience to have the opportunity to experience the technological charm brought by the Dou8 music car machine at close range.

Demonstrating the hard power of science and technology, the four-dimensional Zhilian shaking 8 music car machine is about to debut at the High-tech Fair

(Shake 8 music car machine D9 product map)

(Shake 8 music car machine A5 product map)

The ultimate driving experience creates a smart and interesting life in the car home

It is reported that since the launch of the 4D Zhilian Dou 8 music car machine, in just 3 months, the sales channels have spread all over the country, and it has been enthusiastically sought after by consumers. Due to the advantages of extreme music experience, intelligent AI voice interaction recognition, and high-performance car-level performance, Dou8 was widely loved by many car owners and users as soon as it was launched on the market, and quickly occupied the market of car center control screen modification, becoming the intelligent network aftermarket. New forces in the field have attracted much attention.

This is due to Siweizhilian’s strong R&D strength of intelligent network connection, professional software and hardware in-vehicle audio processing technology, and powerful audio content integration, bringing users a refreshing intelligent network connection terminal product. Dou8 is committed to providing users with a better car and smart life, and continues to provide intelligent and high-tech products and services, and continues to launch both experiential and revolutionary car products, and is committed to creating a variety of car products for more car owners. The audio entertainment ecosystem redefines and enriches the in-car life of car owners and passengers.

This Hi-Tech Fair will definitely provide an opportunity for on-site tasting and in-depth understanding for dealers looking for high-quality projects in the aftermarket industry and car owners who pursue a high-quality life! November 13-17 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 3, Siwei Zhilian booth number 3B29, let us see you!

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