Caverton and Thales Sign the Acceptance of Africa’s First D-Class Helicopter Full Motion Flight Simulator

  [导读]Under the witness of Colonel Musa S. Nuhu, Director of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), and Mr. Franck Riester, the ministerial representative of France in charge of foreign trade and investment affairs, Caverton and Thales signed the acceptance of the Reality H full-motion flight simulator.

Thales Reality H Acceptance Ceremony ©Caverton

April 14, 2021—Caverton and Thales signed the acceptance of Reality under the witness of Colonel Musa S. Nuhu, Director General of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), and Franck Riester, the French ministerial representative in charge of foreign trade and investment affairs. H full-motion flight simulator. The simulator is an AW139 helicopter configuration and has been installed in Caverton’s new training center at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Nigeria.

Thales Reality H full-motion flight simulator is one of the most advanced commercial helicopter simulators in the world, and it has been put into use in Caverton. The simulator can simulate various complex situations that may be encountered in actual flight (bad weather conditions, helicopter failures and emergencies, etc.), and provide pilots with absolutely safe flight training.

Caverton’s new training center is about to obtain the highest level of certification from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). After that, it will provide the most advanced training for maritime and land missions and VIP transportation, including initial type levels, Re-training and proficiency check. The training is mainly for Caverton pilots and AW139 helicopter operators on the African continent.

“This excellent simulator is another example of the successful cooperation between France and Nigeria, demonstrating the strong partnership between Thales and Caverton. With the support of export credits from Bpifrance, the French National Investment Bank, the project used unprecedented in Africa. The state-of-the-art technology will help Nigeria realize its ambition to become a training hub in the region.”

— Franck Riester, French ministerial representative in charge of foreign trade and investment

“Although the new crown epidemic has caused various delays and resistance, we are very happy to finally achieve the important milestone of the acceptance of the simulator. This is inseparable from the perseverance of the Caverton and Thales team, and both of us are here. A stronger partnership has been established in the process. We look forward to the continuous support of NCAA and EASA to help us successfully start the flight simulator training, so as to provide our valued customers with better safety and service.”

— Aderemi Makanjuola, Chairman of Caverton Offshore Support Group (COSG)

“In this unprecedented public health crisis, we have worked together with Caverton to safely complete the transportation, debugging and acceptance of Africa’s first D-class helicopter full-motion flight simulator. This is our continuous effort to improve flight operation efficiency and An important milestone in security.”

— Peter Hitchcock, vice president of training and simulation at Thales

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