An Guang Institute has developed an improved Dyson imaging spectrometer for water color detection

Recently, the research team of Yu Lei from the Optical Engineering Center of Anguang Institute has made progress in the development of aqua color observation imaging spectrometer. Optical design and performance evaluation of an improved Dyson spectrometer for water color observation” was published in the international academic journals Optics Express and Applied Optics, respectively.

The main difficulty in ocean water color observation is that the solar radiation on the ocean surface only accounts for about 30% of the total radiation after being weakened by the atmosphere, and only visible light can be transmitted to the water body, so the overall signal strength is weak. Furthermore, the water body exhibits a depth-exponential decay signal at different rates at each wavelength. Therefore, water color observations require imaging spectrometers with broad spectrum, high signal-to-noise ratio, and high spectral and spatial resolution.

The concentric system spectrometer can be well applied to wide-spectrum water color imaging. Compared with the Offner structure, the Dyson structure has better imaging quality, higher light collection ability and more compact volume. However, in the traditional Dyson structure, the distance between the slit and the detector is too close, and there are processing and assembly problems that are difficult to achieve in engineering. In this study, by giving the slit an axial eccentric distance, a new Dyson quasi-concentric structure is re-derived, which ensures a reasonable distance between the imaging plane and the optical axis of the system while maintaining high imaging quality, as well as the distance between the slit and the detector. Axial reasonable distance. The design results and final prototype test results show that the improved Dyson spectrometer structure has extremely high optical performance and good engineering applicability.

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