ADLINK Launches Industry’s First Industrial AI Smart Camera Based on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

ADLINK, the world’s leading edge computing solution provider, has launched the industry’s first industrial AI smart camera NEON-2000-JNX series that integrates the new NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX module, enabling AI with high performance, small size and easy development. The gateway to innovation in vision solutions for edge applications in manufacturing, logistics, retail, service, agriculture, smart cities, healthcare, life sciences, and more. The NEON-2000-JNX industrial camera is an all-in-one solution that gets rid of the complex requirements of integrated image sensor modules, cables and AI Box PCs in traditional vision application development.

NVIDIA®’s next-generation Jetson Xavier NX system-on-module delivers more than ten times the performance of the previous-generation star product, the Jetson TX2. ADLINK’s NEON-2000-JNX series of industrial AI cameras integrates the high performance of Jetson Xavier NX into a rugged, compact unit that simplifies deployment and speeds time-to-market.

Xu Kaixiang, senior product manager of ADLINK’s IoT Solutions and Technology Division, said: “Before this, a typical AI vision solution required the integration of image sensor modules, cables and GPU modules, which was a complicated process. ADLINK’s launch can immediately The developed edge AI smart camera can reduce the workload of software and hardware integration and reliability verification, enabling AI vision developers to focus on application development. NEON-2000-JNX series industrial AI cameras are designed for edge AI applications, easy to use, compact and reliable. Powerful and ideal for AI software providers.”

ADLINK Launches Industry’s First Industrial AI Smart Camera Based on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

“AI machine vision is revolutionizing industries including robotics, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing,” said Murali Gopalakrishna, head of product management for autonomous machines and general manager of the robotics business at NVIDIA. “With ADLINK’s smart camera suite based on the Jetson edge AI platform, developing The result is an easy-to-deploy integrated solution for embedded and industrial AIoT applications based on AI vision.”

ADLINK NEON-2000-JNX series industrial AI smart cameras are equipped with all necessary components for vision applications and integrate a proven and optimized operating system.

·Supports six sensor configurations from 1.2 to 8 megapixels, including four Basler image sensors, providing raw data and full image detail for machine vision applications

Equipped with two new MIPI image sensors to reduce CPU load and support higher operating temperature requirements

Embedded image signal processor (ISP) provides enhanced images that adapt to multiple environments, improving AI accuracy

Integrated design addresses electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrostatic interference (EDS), vibration, thermal and interface compatibility issues, as well as loss of image signal due to malfunctioning camera and operating system settings, and other common system reliability issues

The NEON-2000-JNX series of industrial AI smart cameras are pre-installed with ADLINK’s new edge vision analytics software development kit EVA SDK, an optimized platform that accelerates proof-of-concept (PoC) and accelerates time-to-market.

Provides a wealth of ready-to-use application plug-ins and a variety of ADLINK optimized AI models to ensure AI vision quality and simplify the construction of AI vision applications without extensive programming

The preview function enables fast and intuitive AI inference process and result verification

Enables AI developers, even newbies, to focus on application development and AI training to complete product proof-of-concept in as little as two weeks

For more details on ADLINK’s NEON-2000-JNX series of AI smart cameras, please visit the product page.

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